Monday, January 30, 2012

Mamavation Monday- Jan 30 2012

Wanting to get back to the workouts AGAIN today. have been slacking the past week. Last week I started back with jumping jacks and that was a great week but this past week, not so good. To be honest, this week has been spent mostly focusing on housework, homeschooling, and thinking about my dad. For those who don't know, he died in August and I am still coping with the loss. I have held alot of my emotions inside me, and it has been an emotional roller coaster. Up one minute, and doing okay, and really feeling down and feeling sorry for myself the next, and angry the next. It's been hard. We spent 3 days this week at the park doing homeschooling, and playing this week as well which has helped me to cope, and feel better getting out in the great outdoors and sunshine the few days of sunshine we were priviledged to get. I ate out with my sister and stepmom one night at a mexican restaurant for dinner and that was very pleasant. A much needed girls night out and I felt I actually ate pretty well. didn't even finish my salad because to be honest, I thought it was nasty. Won't be ordering that again! Apparently I don't like balsamic Viniagrette, and I don't like feta cheese. LOL and I wasn't fond of spinach leaf. that will take some getting used too and some purple leafs?? But the shrimp was pretty good! Still have not started the whole foods diet yet. Was waiting till we got Dh's paycheck for february and some money in the bank. :-)
been better about drinking water as of late although how much daily I am not sure, but I haven't been as hungry, which is saying something positive. :-)

Reasons I home-school,how about you?

In a wikipedia article about Evolution and the public school system it reads:" In the United States, the Supreme Court has ruled the teaching of creationism as science in public schools to be unconstitutional. In the United States, intelligent design has been presented as an alternative explanation to evolution in recent decades, but its "demonstrably religious, cultural, and legal missions" have been ruled unconstitutional by a lower court."

this here is #1 reason I am GLAD, that I chose to home-school my kids. Public school is teaching our children things we don't believe in, God ordained us as parents to be the #1 teacher of our children. It wasn't until the last century that we started handing over our rights as teachers of our children to the government. Before that, since Adam and Eve came to be, we have been the teacher of our children.

Yes, home-schooling is in by no means easy but it is so worth it to me. Some days, sure I'd like to throw up my hands and take the easier option of handing my kids over to the public system for a quiet, relaxed day of non stress. Is that the right decision though? I was once told by a teacher I know and care about, that if I ever woke up one day and decided to put them back in public school, not to feel bad because I would be doing the right thing. I was like excuse me? I kept my mouth shut to avoid confrontation, and because I care about her and understand she views things from a completely different perspective. each time I even remotely think of sending even 1 of my children back, I feel like God says no . The truth I was blinded of for years, and had no idea was being taught to our children. That I was even blinded to when I was in public school myself.Not just the evolution theory, but other things that contradict our beliefs. I mean sure I knew school taught evolution to a degree, and taught the big bang theory among others, but I guess I didn't really pay close attention in social studies, and science as a kid to really notice. Or perhaps it has just gotten much worse since we were kids in school. I find it so hard even as a home-schooling parent to find science materials that don't have the evolution stuffed into the materials or other ideas that my beliefs don't agree with.

So my reasons for home-schooling are as follows:

1. As the teacher of my children I can teach my children about God, the creation, and our beliefs. I have the right to teach my children any material I want without the goverment stepping in and saying, no THIS is what you will teach them.

2. I have a way to help my children individually in their struggle areas, whereas in the school system they were getting left behind and the grades were dropping. I had trouble knowing exactly what was being taught to my children because they weren't the greatest at communicating this to me.

3. I can love them in no way any public teacher can. and to be honest, the public system treats the classroom like a military operation and if they even step out of line they are put in a corner, denied recess, or told by the teacher that she is ashamed of them, for even accidentally leaving her agenda book at home or mom forgetting to send back a progress report signed the very next day. (no this is not an exaggeration).

4. I get to spend all day with my kids, go on outings, do schooling in any atmosphere I want whether at home, or outdoors, field trips where ever we so choose and don't have to say goodbye to my children for 8 hrs a day. I felt when they were at school that I literally rarely saw them and was a very little part of their lives.

5. we can do schooling on our schedule.

6. My children still get opportunities to meet other children, have field days, etc through a local homeschooling group, park, church and more and they can work at their own pace, and their own learning level.

7. Bullying in the public school system has become a real problem.

the list goes on and on... Now I do realize that not all will agree with me, with one or any of these and that's okay but these are my reasons and my opinions, and I realize that there are some Christians out there that do believe in evolution, or even other things taught in schools, and that not all Christians have my take on things. I also realize that for some, home schooling may seemingly just not be possible for you whether it be financially, or other reasons. But I am so glad we chose to and I highly recommend it to all parents who can. with God, all things are possible. :-)

Why do you choose to home-school?
Do your kids go to public school,and how do you feel about it? Are you thinking about home-schooling?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mamavation report

I am late getting this up but wanted to share what I got done for this week. This past week I started back the jumping jacks daily challenge with @notimemom . Wednesday we did 200 jumping jacks, thursday- 200 jumping jacks, friday- I think I did 100 jumping jacks, may have been 50. and saturday,Sunday I took off. Then yesterday monday I did only 50 due to back/shoulder pain. Jumping jacks is all I did this week but it felt great!

Recently I read my sister's blog and it said she was deciding to try out a whole foods diet for the month. What a good idea this is I think. While I feel you shouldn't cut out dairy COMPLETELY from your diet, as our body does need some, I do agree in meats really not being good for us. She watched a documentary titled forks and knives and this made her more aware to some of the foods she is putting in her body. I recently watched the documentary titled food matters. Another REALLY good documentary that talks alot about raw foods and the benefits and how harmful foods really HARM. I would like to try out a whole foods diet, or raw foods diet soon too. Really the only thing that has held me back is my finances/ husband as it is his pocketbook I would be spending and produce is always so expensive. not sure in the long run though. But I really would like to try out the whole foods for a month and see how it makes me feel. I tend to have alot of digestive problems and am thinking I might be gluten intolerant.But not for sure yet. going gluten free is also something I would like to try for a time, and see how much better I feel.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Blessed to be Stressed!

tonight on facebook I saw an image posted that read "too blessed to be stressed" I love this! It is such a reminder of what we are blessed with in life and that often we need to just sit back, relax and enjoy one another! Often I find myself so stressed that I focus on the difficulties rather than taking time to enjoy the roses so to speak. Life is short, we need to spend our time enjoying one another and the things that matter most. Whenever we are stressed, or frustrated remember the saying "you are too blessed to be stressed" and repeat it over and over in your head.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

mamavation report: Jan 8 2011

to be perfectly honest, this has been an off week for me on the workouts. I worked out on monday evening on EAactive and it really was hard for me. I felt like passing out half way through the workout. The workout really kicked my butt then I was super sore for 3-4 days, and after that I just didn't have the motivation to start back. On top of that I was pretty stressed with the kids, and getting back into the schooling gruve, after the holidays. I let things go and would like to do much better this upcoming week. My appetite was much smaller this week and I felt I didn't eat much though which could go either way. I did drink more water than normal I felt, so maybe this is why but I also snacked more and usually I don't snack much. I hear snacking can actually help you not eat as much in the way of meals so it can help depending on what you snack on. as for me, it wasn't nutritional snacking but rather crackers, chips, cookies, and junk. ever since new yrs I have slipped. I am planning on getting back into the swing of things and tracking my nutritional intake, and meal planning which should help things but when money is tight it is hard to be good about the good healthy foods,meal plans. And breaking old habits is not easy for's definitely a work in progress of babysteps.
I really hate how I seem to have an addiction to yummy foods and have a hard time saying no to them. I am praying I overcome this soon.

I have not voiced my opinion on this as of yet but Ido not agree in the whole idea of carbs being bad and meats being good as meats are packed full of cholesterol and my husband actually lost weight ( a ton of weight) when he dropped the meats for a summer and ate only breads,pasta's,and such. I do agree they are full of iron, and protein which is a wonderful thing but cholesterol is not, and I would feel much better following the scriptures that says "grains, fruits and vegetables should be the staff of life, and that we should eat meat sparingly.( Now I myself tend to love meat so I won't say I am all that great about this, but I do eat pasta's and breads, and such much more than I do meat. I also can't afford to buy meat alot which helps.) Now I realize that many of you will not agree with me on this idea, and that's okay, but that is my take on it, and my husband being living proof that you can lose weight with carbs and starches rather than gain. And he didn't even do workouts during that time either. He just cut out meats, and had his activity, at work. It is possible. :-)

now as for my health goals this week:

Mamavation TV - Make sure to join us every Monday at 9 pm CST. We will be talking about gluten intolerance.

this weeks question is: What do you find most challenging in skin care? I have always struggled with acne. Not near as much as I did as a kid, but keeping it free of this has always been an issue in some degree. I am also allergic to some lotions, and soaps so keeping my skin from getting irritated has also been an issue at times, teaching me to stay away from certain soap products, or fragranced lotions.

This post is sponsored by Budhi Skin Care and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Many Blessings!

My many blessings!
Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Many blessings:
Child #1 boy- age 9!
Child #2- girl- age 8
Child #3- boy- age 7
Child #4- boy- age 6
Child #5- girl- age 5
Child #6- boy- age 4

Dear husband of 11 yrs who hasn't given up on me yet

My family I was born into:
Dad- who is in heaven. I miss him so much
Mom who has been battling cancer but is still here. even when doctors said she had no chance of survival 2-3 times already
my wonderful sisters- ashley, Jessica!
My brothers whom I miss- (live far away too)
My Savior Jesus Christ, and my Father in heaven
The gospel of Jesus Christ.
My life, and health
Shelter,food, things of need
My talents
Sunshine, and the kindness that still exists in the world
The temple, the Lords house, and being able to go there to receive peace, and to be able to feel closer to God, and my dad.
my extended family, neices and nephews, inlaws, and everyone else :)

EAS2 workout #4 of the 9 week challenge UPDATE

So I have fallen behind as I didn't workout wed,thurs,fri like I was supposed to. So now I am making up workouts for the challenge. I did my first missed workout last night. now THAT ONE kicked my butt! I am sore today but will be pushing through the soreness today. that one was really tough for me. I felt like I would pass out half way through it. I ended up even skipping one set of the foot fires in it for fear I would pass out. I really should have taken a break and then resumed workouts but I was trying to push through the workout. finished workout 96% at 32 minutes: burned 198.7 calories. heart rate: 160 BPM After the workout I cooled down with a family game night and that was fun! I am really nervous about resuming workouts today but I know I can do it. I might not be able to do it all at once. Not going to make myself pass out but I will push through this and succeed. I CAN DO THIS!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new yr mamavation!

I haven't worked out this week at all. (shameful I know) but last wk I posted anyway even though there was no blogging carnival and this is the link to it:
I have spent this week trying to catch up on my house, and got behind in my current challenge so I may be starting it over, or just starting where I left off.
My goals for the 2012 yr..
hoping to lose atleast 10-20 lbs at the least (shooting for more obtainable goals) but ultimately I would be even happier if I reached my goal of 180 lbs. that was my pre- pregnancy weight with my last child. In the end I want to weight 160 lbs but I can't conquer the world in 1 yr.

as for my other "health goals" goals
drink more water
eat healthier
be more active
have more energy
be as close to stress free as possible and take life 1 day at a time :-)

and my non health goals:
1. be of good cheer. It has been brought to my attention that I am not a very cheerful person and never have been. I still like to blame it on my droopy eyes I inherited that gives me a natural "depressed" look that people just can't get past. I guess I have always seen myself at a different light than others. I will admit, life has thrown me quite a few curve balls, and those have drug me down but I didn't always feel "uncheerful". maybe more reserved or introverted due to self conciousness, shyness, and such. but throughout life I found if I didn't have a huge smile on my face people always thought something was wrong. (even when it wasn't) . So my goal is to be more "cheery".

2. be closer to My Father in Heaven, (and develop closer relationships with my family members)
3. "Don't sweat the small stuff".... be less stressed and more easy going, more likable

4. put what matters most in an eternal perspective... FIRST in my life!

5. Love,serve others