Monday, March 12, 2012

mamavation Monday: Morning Sickness bites!

So the past week I had inlaws and mom visiting for my sons baptism and during their stay the Nausea reared it's ugly head. I have been so sick I have hardly been able to function. while I do feel a little bit better in the evenings and have some of my appetite back, during the day I am filled with nausea, lethargy, fatigue. I did manage a few walks since the nausea hit. One on tuesday, March 6th, and then yesterday we went to the park as a family and walked.. that was really hard as my fatigue was tremendous but i managed some. hope everyone has been doing much better than me.. trying to drink water more.. especially now that i am pregnant, but it has always been a weakness of mine, but I do find it makes me a little less queasy at times. as for the nausea hitting, hardly anything healthy or nutritious has sounded appetitzing and when I have tried eating at home I have gotten sicker so as a result I have eaten out way too much. maybe it is the salt in the fast food that has helped me too stomach the food and actually feel better but it has not been very healthy, but I have craved salty type foods. chicken sandwhiches mostly is what I have eaten. last night smothered hamburgers and tonight pizza. I know it's terrible but one day I had baked potatoes and got sick. egg salad sandwhiches made me queasy. just the thought of spaghetti or potatoes, have made me queasy, and salad has not tasted good the last few times I had it. fortunate for me, I normally lose/ maintain weight rather than gain during pregnancy due to morning sickness and loss of appetite but I think i have eaten more unheathy and i love fruits and orange juice especially during pregnancy so I plan on buying more fruit and trying to eat those more.


Sarah M said...

Nothing is worse than pregnancy nausea & fatigue! I hope it subsides soon. My mom always told me that those were good signs :)

Resa said...

Yikes! I do NOT miss those days. Have you tried iced lemon water? That and mint tea or candied ginger did wonders for me.