Sunday, February 26, 2012

mamavation monday update!

hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I spent this past week working out just a little. I jumped on the excercise trampoline here and there, then yesterday, I worked out by hiking at the park with ds8 for a one on one, 3.60 miles. also used hand weights )5 lbs each) went well! hope everyone has a great week!
I bought a workout walking video so hoping to get more mileage in right from home.
I got a new pedometer which I am LOVING!!

drink more water, workout atleast 15 minutes a day at the LEAST.


MNMSpecial said...

Way to go on working out fitting it in getting it done & planning for more.

Owen's Mom said...

Woo-hoo! You have a lot to be happy about.

What is the name of your walking workout? Is it from Leslie Sansone? Enjoy and keep up the great work.

Sarah M said...

A hike in the park sounds like a lot of fun! Great job with lots of activity this week!

Lena & Alex said...

Good pedometer makes a big difference. Great distance - have another awesome week

Gena said...

Way to go on working out. You sound like you are on the right path!