Monday, January 30, 2012

Reasons I home-school,how about you?

In a wikipedia article about Evolution and the public school system it reads:" In the United States, the Supreme Court has ruled the teaching of creationism as science in public schools to be unconstitutional. In the United States, intelligent design has been presented as an alternative explanation to evolution in recent decades, but its "demonstrably religious, cultural, and legal missions" have been ruled unconstitutional by a lower court."

this here is #1 reason I am GLAD, that I chose to home-school my kids. Public school is teaching our children things we don't believe in, God ordained us as parents to be the #1 teacher of our children. It wasn't until the last century that we started handing over our rights as teachers of our children to the government. Before that, since Adam and Eve came to be, we have been the teacher of our children.

Yes, home-schooling is in by no means easy but it is so worth it to me. Some days, sure I'd like to throw up my hands and take the easier option of handing my kids over to the public system for a quiet, relaxed day of non stress. Is that the right decision though? I was once told by a teacher I know and care about, that if I ever woke up one day and decided to put them back in public school, not to feel bad because I would be doing the right thing. I was like excuse me? I kept my mouth shut to avoid confrontation, and because I care about her and understand she views things from a completely different perspective. each time I even remotely think of sending even 1 of my children back, I feel like God says no . The truth I was blinded of for years, and had no idea was being taught to our children. That I was even blinded to when I was in public school myself.Not just the evolution theory, but other things that contradict our beliefs. I mean sure I knew school taught evolution to a degree, and taught the big bang theory among others, but I guess I didn't really pay close attention in social studies, and science as a kid to really notice. Or perhaps it has just gotten much worse since we were kids in school. I find it so hard even as a home-schooling parent to find science materials that don't have the evolution stuffed into the materials or other ideas that my beliefs don't agree with.

So my reasons for home-schooling are as follows:

1. As the teacher of my children I can teach my children about God, the creation, and our beliefs. I have the right to teach my children any material I want without the goverment stepping in and saying, no THIS is what you will teach them.

2. I have a way to help my children individually in their struggle areas, whereas in the school system they were getting left behind and the grades were dropping. I had trouble knowing exactly what was being taught to my children because they weren't the greatest at communicating this to me.

3. I can love them in no way any public teacher can. and to be honest, the public system treats the classroom like a military operation and if they even step out of line they are put in a corner, denied recess, or told by the teacher that she is ashamed of them, for even accidentally leaving her agenda book at home or mom forgetting to send back a progress report signed the very next day. (no this is not an exaggeration).

4. I get to spend all day with my kids, go on outings, do schooling in any atmosphere I want whether at home, or outdoors, field trips where ever we so choose and don't have to say goodbye to my children for 8 hrs a day. I felt when they were at school that I literally rarely saw them and was a very little part of their lives.

5. we can do schooling on our schedule.

6. My children still get opportunities to meet other children, have field days, etc through a local homeschooling group, park, church and more and they can work at their own pace, and their own learning level.

7. Bullying in the public school system has become a real problem.

the list goes on and on... Now I do realize that not all will agree with me, with one or any of these and that's okay but these are my reasons and my opinions, and I realize that there are some Christians out there that do believe in evolution, or even other things taught in schools, and that not all Christians have my take on things. I also realize that for some, home schooling may seemingly just not be possible for you whether it be financially, or other reasons. But I am so glad we chose to and I highly recommend it to all parents who can. with God, all things are possible. :-)

Why do you choose to home-school?
Do your kids go to public school,and how do you feel about it? Are you thinking about home-schooling?


Anonymous said...

I do have to take exception to your comment about "none of us Christians" believing in evolution. The Catholic church teaches that there is no inconsistency between evolution and creationism, and there are plenty of Christians who believe God can work through evolution. I understand this is your belief, and I respect that, but I'm asking you to please not paint everyone who disagrees with you as a non-Christian.

GAFlyGirl said...

I re-read where you were talking about and sorry it was misunderstood. I wasn't meaning evolution in that sentence per se but things being taught in schools that dis-agree with our beliefs as parents in general in that spot but I took out the generalizations of christians so as not to offend you or anyone for that matter. again my apologies. again, I am not Catholic so I sort of assummed that all christians would have the same view as me in this and was not trying to send across the message that if you did you were non christian. I hope you will accept my unintentional offense.

GAFlyGirl said...
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