Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Many Blessings!

My many blessings!
Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Many blessings:
Child #1 boy- age 9!
Child #2- girl- age 8
Child #3- boy- age 7
Child #4- boy- age 6
Child #5- girl- age 5
Child #6- boy- age 4

Dear husband of 11 yrs who hasn't given up on me yet

My family I was born into:
Dad- who is in heaven. I miss him so much
Mom who has been battling cancer but is still here. even when doctors said she had no chance of survival 2-3 times already
my wonderful sisters- ashley, Jessica!
My brothers whom I miss- (live far away too)
My Savior Jesus Christ, and my Father in heaven
The gospel of Jesus Christ.
My life, and health
Shelter,food, things of need
My talents
Sunshine, and the kindness that still exists in the world
The temple, the Lords house, and being able to go there to receive peace, and to be able to feel closer to God, and my dad.
my extended family, neices and nephews, inlaws, and everyone else :)


L Harris said...

great post!

GAFlyGirl said...

thanks so much, and thanks for the idea!!