Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mamavation report

I am late getting this up but wanted to share what I got done for this week. This past week I started back the jumping jacks daily challenge with @notimemom . Wednesday we did 200 jumping jacks, thursday- 200 jumping jacks, friday- I think I did 100 jumping jacks, may have been 50. and saturday,Sunday I took off. Then yesterday monday I did only 50 due to back/shoulder pain. Jumping jacks is all I did this week but it felt great!

Recently I read my sister's blog and it said she was deciding to try out a whole foods diet for the month. What a good idea this is I think. While I feel you shouldn't cut out dairy COMPLETELY from your diet, as our body does need some, I do agree in meats really not being good for us. She watched a documentary titled forks and knives and this made her more aware to some of the foods she is putting in her body. I recently watched the documentary titled food matters. Another REALLY good documentary that talks alot about raw foods and the benefits and how harmful foods really HARM. I would like to try out a whole foods diet, or raw foods diet soon too. Really the only thing that has held me back is my finances/ husband as it is his pocketbook I would be spending and produce is always so expensive. not sure in the long run though. But I really would like to try out the whole foods for a month and see how it makes me feel. I tend to have alot of digestive problems and am thinking I might be gluten intolerant.But not for sure yet. going gluten free is also something I would like to try for a time, and see how much better I feel.


@AndreaEmilien said...

You can definitely go gluten-free and not spend that much more. The problem I run into now is going to the store more often. I used to go once a month for a big shopping trip and then one other time to get produce....but since you are eating more things with a smaller shelf life, you have to go more often.

If you try it, stick with stuff you would normally eat, just cutting out the gluten products. And if you have a Trader Joe's or something like that near you, use it!! The only specialty gluten-free products I use is pasta and bread.

Since I am lactose intolerant, I don't eat dairy either with the exception of yogurt. That seems to be all my body can handle. I also cut out eggs because I was intolerant - have been for years although I refused to do anything about it because I love eggs so much! I think someone on your FB page said it, you absolutely don't need dairy at all. Calcium and vitamin D can be found in more nutritious foods.

Good luck!!!! Just remember, if you do start a diet like that, just go slow and take baby steps. :)

Julie said...

That is quite something to go after -- but I'm sure you can do it! Personally, I could never give up meat... but I totally respect those that can (and do!)

Way to go on the jumping jacks too!