Monday, January 30, 2012

Mamavation Monday- Jan 30 2012

Wanting to get back to the workouts AGAIN today. have been slacking the past week. Last week I started back with jumping jacks and that was a great week but this past week, not so good. To be honest, this week has been spent mostly focusing on housework, homeschooling, and thinking about my dad. For those who don't know, he died in August and I am still coping with the loss. I have held alot of my emotions inside me, and it has been an emotional roller coaster. Up one minute, and doing okay, and really feeling down and feeling sorry for myself the next, and angry the next. It's been hard. We spent 3 days this week at the park doing homeschooling, and playing this week as well which has helped me to cope, and feel better getting out in the great outdoors and sunshine the few days of sunshine we were priviledged to get. I ate out with my sister and stepmom one night at a mexican restaurant for dinner and that was very pleasant. A much needed girls night out and I felt I actually ate pretty well. didn't even finish my salad because to be honest, I thought it was nasty. Won't be ordering that again! Apparently I don't like balsamic Viniagrette, and I don't like feta cheese. LOL and I wasn't fond of spinach leaf. that will take some getting used too and some purple leafs?? But the shrimp was pretty good! Still have not started the whole foods diet yet. Was waiting till we got Dh's paycheck for february and some money in the bank. :-)
been better about drinking water as of late although how much daily I am not sure, but I haven't been as hungry, which is saying something positive. :-)

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