Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new yr mamavation!

I haven't worked out this week at all. (shameful I know) but last wk I posted anyway even though there was no blogging carnival and this is the link to it:
I have spent this week trying to catch up on my house, and got behind in my current challenge so I may be starting it over, or just starting where I left off.
My goals for the 2012 yr..
hoping to lose atleast 10-20 lbs at the least (shooting for more obtainable goals) but ultimately I would be even happier if I reached my goal of 180 lbs. that was my pre- pregnancy weight with my last child. In the end I want to weight 160 lbs but I can't conquer the world in 1 yr.

as for my other "health goals" goals
drink more water
eat healthier
be more active
have more energy
be as close to stress free as possible and take life 1 day at a time :-)

and my non health goals:
1. be of good cheer. It has been brought to my attention that I am not a very cheerful person and never have been. I still like to blame it on my droopy eyes I inherited that gives me a natural "depressed" look that people just can't get past. I guess I have always seen myself at a different light than others. I will admit, life has thrown me quite a few curve balls, and those have drug me down but I didn't always feel "uncheerful". maybe more reserved or introverted due to self conciousness, shyness, and such. but throughout life I found if I didn't have a huge smile on my face people always thought something was wrong. (even when it wasn't) . So my goal is to be more "cheery".

2. be closer to My Father in Heaven, (and develop closer relationships with my family members)
3. "Don't sweat the small stuff".... be less stressed and more easy going, more likable

4. put what matters most in an eternal perspective... FIRST in my life!

5. Love,serve others


MNMSpecial said...

Great goals on the fitness and eternal side of things. I am like you, apparently I'm pretty negative. I guess I need to add that to my vision board..this whole time I thought I was cheery.

Happy New Year!

Katie said...

great goals! you can do this - just break it all down into small increments and you will be there before you know it.

Leah always said she lost the weight 5 pounds at a time.

Anonymous said...

I love your goals, they sound feasible. I once read on SP to concentrate on losing ten percent of the total weight one needs to lose at a time.

BTW, I've never thought of you as a negative person, you are always so cheerful!

Lindsay said...

These are great goals! You can combine #2 and 3 by simply putting the "little stuff" in His hands. If you can't change it, don't sweat it!

Here's to 2012 being an awesome year!

@AndreaEmilien said...

Awesome goals!! You are going to get all of your goals done, I know it!!

TishaMarie said...

Fantastic goals in every area!! I think you will achieve anything you put your mind to, but remember we are here if you need to lean a little too.