Tuesday, January 3, 2012

EAS2 workout #4 of the 9 week challenge UPDATE

So I have fallen behind as I didn't workout wed,thurs,fri like I was supposed to. So now I am making up workouts for the challenge. I did my first missed workout last night. now THAT ONE kicked my butt! I am sore today but will be pushing through the soreness today. that one was really tough for me. I felt like I would pass out half way through it. I ended up even skipping one set of the foot fires in it for fear I would pass out. I really should have taken a break and then resumed workouts but I was trying to push through the workout. finished workout 96% at 32 minutes: burned 198.7 calories. heart rate: 160 BPM After the workout I cooled down with a family game night and that was fun! I am really nervous about resuming workouts today but I know I can do it. I might not be able to do it all at once. Not going to make myself pass out but I will push through this and succeed. I CAN DO THIS!

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