Monday, August 22, 2011

A time to grieve

So this has been a REALLY hard last few weeks. My dad went into the hospital for a very brutal treatment. He didn't come out. When walking into that hospital his liver, and kidneys were already severely compromised due to his liver disease and the other Organs working overtime to make up for it. After 30 yrs of sufferings, and these brutal treatments at age 56 He woke up long enough to express he was done fighting the battle, and wanted to be made as comfortable as possible. He was taken off the machines and switched to hospice where he passed away Saturday,August 13, 2011. His funeral was this past weekend and is now at rest. Although I am happy for him, that he is happy and pain free, and in a much better place, it's hard! I miss my daddy and the world feels empty without him in it. As a result of 2 weeks of hospital visits, and the worry and stress the last thing on my mind was excercise. I let things go and am scared to step on the wii fit to weigh in. According to new scale I am higher but not sure the accuracy of that thing. (it's not digital and those cheap scales never have been real accurate) So I will only trust what wii fit tells me as it was pretty close to what my digital scale would say. Planning on getting back to the workouts. All that lost weight from gruntstyles workouts have probably gone down the toilet with the stress, and lack of excercise while dad was in hospital up to his death,funeral. All I can do, is get back on the bandwagon, not beat myself up over it, and move on with life! Cheer me on ladies, I need major encouragement to get moving again, as my heart is still grieving for dad!
I did take a 1 mile walk yesterday, and 2 miles last monday, and 2 miles last sunday.