Monday, December 26, 2011

week 1 of EASactive challenge

Started the 9 week challenge on Wednesday this week, and did workout #3 today. felt great! Finished in shorter time today, and felt better with this workout. More energy at end of workout and not so worn out. game detected all my workouts this time with no problems and felt like the workouts are getting easier for me. In past when trying the 6 week challenge it didn't workout because I would get so sore from squats after day 1 that I couldn't hardly move for a week. Since I prepared with the mamavation 2 week challenge just before this and worked through the squat pain, I no longer feel pain from the squats so far since starting the 9 wk challenge and only mild soreness in the abs. feels great to have it getting easier! Feel like a stronger person.
worked out:
wednesday-challenge day 1
thursday- challenge day 2
friday- skipped
saturday- challenge day 4 workout 3
Sunday- off day
monday- off day

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