Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mamavation- 2 week challenge day 3: Perseverance

today was a really difficult day. Yesterday was the arm excercises, and today was back to the first set of circuits that put me in pain in the first place. I was still in emmense pain from day #1 and now I had arm,shoulder,and back pain added to the equation. I didn't think I could pull off the excercises today, yet somehow I did it. Somehow I made it through all 3 circuits today. In pain but I did it. I am hoping working through the pain will help the pain subside quicker due to stretching and working those muscles more and it is making me a stronger more determined me. I am learning not to quit things I start, no matter the challenges and difficulties which makes me proud of me and boosts the self esteem also. :-) I have also had more energy today due to working out throughout the day. It took me all day to finish the excercises but I did it. I did circuits one and 2 side by side, then spread out the workouts for circuit three as I was totally and completely dreading it. @way2gomom on twitter gave me the courage to not give up and to keep trying. So did @kiddos1138 as well! Thanks ladies! :-) Still have more walking to do today to reach the 10,000 step goal but I know I can do it! :-) I have probably done quite a bit more than pedometer says since I haven't worn pedometer the whole time today but even so.. I want it to say, 10,000. :-)

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growingintome said...

Yeah you!! (It's 'Kiddos1138, sorry, just catching up on blogs now!)

Don't forget to drink that water! ;-)