Wednesday, December 28, 2011

catching up on housework

So yesterday and today we are catching up on housework. After Christmas unwrappings, new toys to find a place for, and a kitchen that needs help... our home looks like a tornado hit it. It is slowly coming together. yesterday I spent it focusing on the dishes more. today I am working in the individual rooms. today will definitely be a timer kind of day as I am lacking the umph to race through and get it done. It does help some to have it sunny outside today though. Last few days it has been extremely cold,rainy, and ugly out making it feel gloomy inside too. It is only a quarter to 10 and the house is already making some headway.
so far I have gotten accomplished:
tidying living rm (still working on it)
1 load of laundry folded,put away
1 load of whites started
toys moved to kids rms
swept living rm, christmas trash thrown away outside
girls tidied bedrm
cleared table off in kitchen

will add to this list as the day goes on. we will also be using to help motivate kids, mom to help today. LOL What kind of motivators do you use to get things done around the house for your kids?? Sometimes sticker charts work here as well.. depending on the kids moods. timer works well for them as well, or sweeping stuff off floor into a pile and set timer. what isn't cleaned up when it beeps, gets thrown away. haha that gets them moving!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I like the pile idea!!! That would get DD6 motivated, but DD9 would spend the whole time whining about how unfair it was!

I've seen some neat ideas for 'chore charts'... sometimes I think *I* need one! Maybe if I could get myself more regular (sounds like an ad for fiber...) they would see it and it would be easier?

One of the things DH and I are going to try to do this week is figure out chores and possible some kind of allowance system. There is a free website that lets kids keep track of their chores and earn 'prizes' (set by Mom and Dad) so we'll look more into that. I just don't want them paid for doing 'basics', you know? It's so hard!

Becky said...

boy do i understand the Christmas tornado!! i actually posted about mine earlier today WITH PHOTOS (because i'm crazy). day 2 of cleaning and i think i'm still only maybe 1/2 way there. glad to know i'm not the only one!