Wednesday, December 28, 2011

catching up on housework

So yesterday and today we are catching up on housework. After Christmas unwrappings, new toys to find a place for, and a kitchen that needs help... our home looks like a tornado hit it. It is slowly coming together. yesterday I spent it focusing on the dishes more. today I am working in the individual rooms. today will definitely be a timer kind of day as I am lacking the umph to race through and get it done. It does help some to have it sunny outside today though. Last few days it has been extremely cold,rainy, and ugly out making it feel gloomy inside too. It is only a quarter to 10 and the house is already making some headway.
so far I have gotten accomplished:
tidying living rm (still working on it)
1 load of laundry folded,put away
1 load of whites started
toys moved to kids rms
swept living rm, christmas trash thrown away outside
girls tidied bedrm
cleared table off in kitchen

will add to this list as the day goes on. we will also be using to help motivate kids, mom to help today. LOL What kind of motivators do you use to get things done around the house for your kids?? Sometimes sticker charts work here as well.. depending on the kids moods. timer works well for them as well, or sweeping stuff off floor into a pile and set timer. what isn't cleaned up when it beeps, gets thrown away. haha that gets them moving!

Monday, December 26, 2011

week 1 of EASactive challenge

Started the 9 week challenge on Wednesday this week, and did workout #3 today. felt great! Finished in shorter time today, and felt better with this workout. More energy at end of workout and not so worn out. game detected all my workouts this time with no problems and felt like the workouts are getting easier for me. In past when trying the 6 week challenge it didn't workout because I would get so sore from squats after day 1 that I couldn't hardly move for a week. Since I prepared with the mamavation 2 week challenge just before this and worked through the squat pain, I no longer feel pain from the squats so far since starting the 9 wk challenge and only mild soreness in the abs. feels great to have it getting easier! Feel like a stronger person.
worked out:
wednesday-challenge day 1
thursday- challenge day 2
friday- skipped
saturday- challenge day 4 workout 3
Sunday- off day
monday- off day

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Christmas Season is so much fun!

mamavation post:2011/ 2012 goals

So the mamavation 2 week challenge has come to a close. I did not finish all days as hoped for, so I was planning on finishing it up anyway because I really want more of a weight loss. I was really dissapointed and discouraged that I didn't lose more than I did. I lost no weight, but l did lose some inches in the hips, and thighs. That's better than nothing. I hope everyone has a good week and has a very merry Christmas!

goals for the 2012/2011
drink more water
try to be less stressed out
healthy food, portion control
excercise atleast 3-5 days- 30 minutes a day

be happier, more cheerful and pleasant to be around

lose 30 lbs atleast by next yr this time.

as for my sucesses/failures last yr.
I lost 10 lbs then gained it all back. :( but heres to a better year!
I did feel I became stronger and more confident in my workouts though. often I would give up when I would get sore for a week and not workout through my soreness, and not want to do the hard stuff anymore. But this past yr I had the opportunity to challenge my self and participated in two hard challenges. first one was the gruntstyle 2 week strength training challenge. That one I didn't do as great with, but then this last one which was the mamavation 2 week challenge, and I pushed myself, even through the soreness, and felt I came out of it a lot stronger person.
Here's to a great new yr!

Monday, December 12, 2011

mamavation Monday- December 12 2011 When the going gets tough!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Mamavation. Two blogging carnival participants will receive $25 ViSA gift card.

blogging carnival question this week is: How does your family support your weight loss efforts? The really aren't very supportive in it as far as the food goes. My husband is bad about offering me a piece of cake, or bringing home something delicious and terribly unhealthy.. but he doesn't force me to eat it. I just give in. however he does support my working out and I know he is proud of me for trying so hard.

this past week I have been participating in the mamavation 2 week challenge. It has changed me for the better. I am stronger, I have more faith in myself, and I am not so quick to give up when the going gets tough and the soreness sets in. I am proud of myself. I have learned to push myself harder than I ever have before and workout despite being sore and my thighs feeling like they were on fire. LOL
It has been a great week! Saturday I was pretty dissapointed that I couldn't get the whole 1.5 mile in, and full 100 situps in on saturday but I will be catching up this week. I had alot going on ,on saturday. I ran a little over 1 mile and got in 20 of the 100 situps in. I am not used to situps so they were modified (hand at sides) but they did the job with my stomach muscles that's for sure.

“I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women”.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mamavation- 2 week challenge day 3: Perseverance

today was a really difficult day. Yesterday was the arm excercises, and today was back to the first set of circuits that put me in pain in the first place. I was still in emmense pain from day #1 and now I had arm,shoulder,and back pain added to the equation. I didn't think I could pull off the excercises today, yet somehow I did it. Somehow I made it through all 3 circuits today. In pain but I did it. I am hoping working through the pain will help the pain subside quicker due to stretching and working those muscles more and it is making me a stronger more determined me. I am learning not to quit things I start, no matter the challenges and difficulties which makes me proud of me and boosts the self esteem also. :-) I have also had more energy today due to working out throughout the day. It took me all day to finish the excercises but I did it. I did circuits one and 2 side by side, then spread out the workouts for circuit three as I was totally and completely dreading it. @way2gomom on twitter gave me the courage to not give up and to keep trying. So did @kiddos1138 as well! Thanks ladies! :-) Still have more walking to do today to reach the 10,000 step goal but I know I can do it! :-) I have probably done quite a bit more than pedometer says since I haven't worn pedometer the whole time today but even so.. I want it to say, 10,000. :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mamavation 2 week Challenge Day #1

Day # 1 went well. I got 2 out of the three circuits done but I should have stretched afterward. I am so stiff and sore I can barely move today. I am really nervous about today (day #2) because I can not hardly move. every movement hurts and aches. I may focus more today on movement at all and just focus on getting my 10,000 step goal in. It may take me alot longer than 2 weeks to do this challenge when day #1 imobilizes me so much. And challenge day 1 will be hard for me also because last 2 week challenge I did situps caused me to pull my back out. seriously.. LOL so I will be atleast doing far fewer reps than the challenge suggests or replacing them with stomach crunches or reverse crunches or something I can do without hurting myself until my core is stronger.
But I am still excited about this challenge. Even if I can't do everything exactly as it is mapped out, it is still challenging me to keep active.
As sore as I am, it feels great because that is my body telling me, it is working!
A little while ago I joined Pinterest and they have so many healthy and delicious looking recipes. I have always feared "health recipes" because I thought that they had to be nasty, and leaving you still hungry to be healthy! Pinterest is proving me wrong! Can't wait to get the ingredients so I can try out this tempting looking dishes! I need all the recipes I can get that are healthy, so if you have something to share, please do!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays-Mamavation

We have had fun getting ready for Christmas. We haven't finished shopping by a long shot yet, but we have bought a few things and we finally got our Christmas tree bought and decorated yesterday morning. :-) Kids had a lot of fun as this was our very first "white" Christmas tree. Then last night we went to a city parade which was fun. What fun things did you do this weekend?

As for this weeks fitness accomplishments
mon- Nichole Kellerman 15 minute arm workout!
wednesday- wii fit free run- 10 minutes, wii fit free step- 25 minutes
thursday- 50 jumping jacks
so all and all not a very active week as far as the workouts this week but this next week will be better I hope. tweet out a message to me asking if I have workout or done my jumping jacks. it helps. :-)

Starting on Monday I start the mamavation 2 week challenge. I don't have dumbells so I plan on using hand weights for that particular workout instead,although I hope to be able to purchase some during the week if I can. I will be doing jumping jacks for the warm ups instead of the foot fires though because I was worried about doing those with the condition of my feet. I have also started back with sparkpeople in addition to mamavation to further encourage myself to move. Anything that can get me moving.

this weeks blogging carnival question is: When it comes to holiday shopping, how do you make sure you stick to your budget ? With DH being the one who works, he does most of the shopping although I find shopping online to be my weakness, but to help me from spending as much.. I consult him with what I have purchased and keep up with him. this month instead of being quick to buy what I want for the kids, etc I have been adding it to a wish list. we have always had a very limited amount of money for the holidays so I try not to spend too much and we shop at consignment shops, craigslist, online, or even check out the yahoo freecycle and cheap for sale yahoo groups that are local where I can find cheaper holiday gifts etc too to help on holiday costs.
This post is sponsored by Reflect It Apparel and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women

Thursday, December 1, 2011

today's Accomplishments/ to do list.

to do list:

living rm:
vacuum rug
declutter island counter
declutter computer desks
declutter piano
clean piano
declutter behind or under furniture

teach math, kids practice skills
2 loads of dishes
cleared and wiped countertops, swept kitchen
cleared,wiped kitchen table,
kids- reading
andrew- sentences
windex microwave
dd8 cleaned dishwasher door, oven door (outside of it)