Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mamavation November 15 2011

So I was realizing it has been truly forever since I put up a blog post for mamavation. I am so sorry for slacking lately. I did however start slowly picking back up on the excercise this past week. Started out with jumping jacks 2 days in a row, and then the next day I ran a mile on the wii which made my calves sore for a few days. that was a good workout for me even though only a mile, because I ran pretty much the whole time (10 minutes) which is a big deal for me. I really pushed myself. I only stopped for a second or 2 to mess with the wii mote but I don't really count that as 'stopping' as it was at the beginning of the run. shortly into it. So I am proud of myself for pushing myself. Haven't run in a few days since then because that was friday morning and then Friday afternoon I got sick with a stomach bug of some sort and was pretty uncomfortable all weekend. Just started feeling myself yesterday and have been working on schooling, and catching up on my house. Planning on getting back in the swing of things tomorrow. I do have a sinus cold/ or allergies but not planning on letting that stop me.
plans for the upcoming week are as follows:
jumping jacks daily... keep me responsible ladies and post on twitter or on fb mamavation asking me how I am doing...
running on wii fit plus. Weight lifting and other strength training excercises on sparkpeople
and walking with the kids, or early morning before dh goes to work if all goes well...

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