Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flylady, organization, and chaos

So I am really trying to get back into the swing of things with the flylady. I made me a checklist today and after talking with some friends on twitter about control journals, the card system. I might be trying out the card system they told me about.
Maybe it will help me to stay more on track with the routines.I hate schedules and control journals that tell me what time to get things done, because I feel pressured and when you are a SAHM of 6, and homeschooling too.. things don't always go as planned and falling behind stresses me out. the card system provides a way to keep the planner with me at all times and might be alot better than having only the checklist, and then I can use the checklist to check off what I did. I also love using chorewars.com to motivate me, and the kids to get more done around the house. I am still learning how to juggle, school, housekeeping, laundry, excercise, and free time for the kids.. What kinds of things work best for you with the flylady system? Was it a card system? The official control journal? To do checklists? Mental checklists? What helped you to better stay on track and get the things done you need to?

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growingintome said...

I'm really looking forward to figuring this out! I agree, I just can't get into schedules, and even routines through me off. We'll keep plugging at it and find something that works, even if it's simply 'most of the time'!