Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What are you Thankful for?

I hope everyone truly had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We didn't get together with any extended family this year which was truly a bummer for me, but it was still a nice Thanksgiving. As a result I was doing a majority of the meal. (DH did the Turkey, I just helped stuff it) we had Turkey, Mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing,corn, Strawberry cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie. Wanted to make Deviled eggs, fruit salad but never did. It would probably have been a bigger feast had I gone somewhere to eat, since everyone contributes a dish so I guess this helped me not eat as much. :-) As for the excercise this week.. I am having a hard time remembering what I did on tuesday but it seems I worked out on the wii fit plus doing free step, hula hoops for a total of 34 minutes together. then thursday ,Thanksgiving day I took a 1 mile walk just before the meal. Fridayand Saturday I got no workouts in, but on Sunday I walked a 3.3 mile walk according to sparkpeople.com. My pedometer claimed 3.66 miles,7,507 footsteps on that walk but it has a tendancy to overcount or undercount back and forth.. so who knows. I tend to trust sparkpeople maps better. as for the water intake I didn't do very well most of the week, but then on Sunday I chugged 2 water bottles during,after the walk..

My plans for this next week at the least are 50 jumping jacks daily. I would also like to workout on the wii fit plus atleast 3x week, and Strength training atleast 3x a week. 8 glasses of water a day is my goal. I am also starting to do Nichole Kellerman's workouts and loving them. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to "schedule in these workouts" but doing this now and think it should help!
I would also like to get more sleep. I did do better than normal Thanksgiving weekend and would like to continue to improve upon this area.
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this weeks blogging carnival question: What are you thankful for in your life?
I am most thankful for God, my religious beliefs,and that families can be together forever, thankful for My family and my children, and the opportunity I have to homeschool them. I am also grateful for my health. It isn't as wonderful as I would like, (lack of energy, fitness,etc) however things could always be worse! In being a part of mamavation, and working toward fitness, I know I will achieve my goals. I just have to be patient and keep trying every day! I am thankful for every day of life. Life is so short. I came to this harsh reality when dad died in August, and my mom has been battling cancer for many yrs now and it keeps coming back, but so many times she has been told she doesn't have long and each time she has proved the doctors wrong. For this I am grateful. Grateful for each day we have with her still here and God, and mom proving the doctors wrong. Every day is a blessing!
I am thankful for mamavation and the sisterhood and the support.
I am thankful to be in good health, to be able to have children of my own, and to be blessed with a large family. What are you thankful for in your life?

Flylady, organization, and chaos

So I am really trying to get back into the swing of things with the flylady. I made me a checklist today and after talking with some friends on twitter about control journals, the card system. I might be trying out the card system they told me about.
Maybe it will help me to stay more on track with the routines.I hate schedules and control journals that tell me what time to get things done, because I feel pressured and when you are a SAHM of 6, and homeschooling too.. things don't always go as planned and falling behind stresses me out. the card system provides a way to keep the planner with me at all times and might be alot better than having only the checklist, and then I can use the checklist to check off what I did. I also love using chorewars.com to motivate me, and the kids to get more done around the house. I am still learning how to juggle, school, housekeeping, laundry, excercise, and free time for the kids.. What kinds of things work best for you with the flylady system? Was it a card system? The official control journal? To do checklists? Mental checklists? What helped you to better stay on track and get the things done you need to?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mamavation November 15 2011

So I was realizing it has been truly forever since I put up a blog post for mamavation. I am so sorry for slacking lately. I did however start slowly picking back up on the excercise this past week. Started out with jumping jacks 2 days in a row, and then the next day I ran a mile on the wii which made my calves sore for a few days. that was a good workout for me even though only a mile, because I ran pretty much the whole time (10 minutes) which is a big deal for me. I really pushed myself. I only stopped for a second or 2 to mess with the wii mote but I don't really count that as 'stopping' as it was at the beginning of the run. shortly into it. So I am proud of myself for pushing myself. Haven't run in a few days since then because that was friday morning and then Friday afternoon I got sick with a stomach bug of some sort and was pretty uncomfortable all weekend. Just started feeling myself yesterday and have been working on schooling, and catching up on my house. Planning on getting back in the swing of things tomorrow. I do have a sinus cold/ or allergies but not planning on letting that stop me.
plans for the upcoming week are as follows:
jumping jacks daily... keep me responsible ladies and post on twitter or on fb mamavation asking me how I am doing...
running on wii fit plus. Weight lifting and other strength training excercises on sparkpeople
and walking with the kids, or early morning before dh goes to work if all goes well...