Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today was a good day! Started off the day with the schooling. It was a rainy and cold day outside today so we hung out indoors doing schooling, and cleaning house. Kids were fairly well behaved today. Not too bad. Since the kids worked so hard today on their schooling, and some of them even on helping around the house without much complaint, I thought a pizza and movie party would be fun. So tonight we had totino's pizza and watched "How to train your Dragon" for the family movie!
today we got a few packages in the mail from UPS. 1. was a new book for me. "Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury. Excited to get this and planning on beginning it shortly after posting this, unless I do some more workouts. My workouts today consisted of 25 reverse crunches, 50 jumping jacks, and a 10 minute run on the wii fit plus ( 1.578 virtual miles- 10 minutes: 84 calories burned ) WOOT!

2. 2nd package that arrived was Andrew's story for Language Arts "Mercy Watson to the rescue" Both Andrew, and Anna read this and I believe they both enjoyed it. I know Andrew did and that's saying something because he normally dislikes reading books)

3. I received the Brita filter system kit I won on mamavation last week woohoo! The kids are actually excited about drinking water now! Can't beat that! It came with a water pitcher filtering system, a water bottle w/ filter. We are loving it!

4. Division flashcards. this will be a handy tool!

For reading in addition to the book "Mercy Watson to the rescue" Seth read the story "Sarah Plain and Tall" from his textbook. We did math worksheets this morning- place values, multiplication-2 digit, and for Andrew- addition, and josh,liz- addition. Subtraction,addition,division flashcards. Science Anna did a lesson from her science textbook, we read it together,and reviewed the lesson review questions, and she wrote her vocabulary definitions down. Social studies they just did learning games online, and colored a flag of India.

tonight Anna was supposed to have ballet but the van wouldn't start. Started issues again. So we didn't end up going tonight, so we hung out at home and had a family fun night instead. It was nice.

workout goals tomorrow:
run on wii, 50 jumping jacks at the least, reverse crunches, pushups,handweights
drink 8 glasses of water.

Monday, October 10, 2011

mamavation report: October 10,2011

this was a good week of activity. I didn't do as much of the jumping jacks because I was doing more walking and/ jogging and that exausted me. LOL Saturday I did a 3.50 miles at the park walking/ and jogging with dd8 and had blisters on the bottom of my feet before we were done. I was limping into walmart afterwords (due to the blisters)
I am pretty proud of my 5 miles even though I still wish I had gotten more in. I am going for the 60 miles in october challenge and really want to make it. I also am trying for the brita water challenge but have been doing terrible with it, as I have always struggled with my water intake but I am still trying. each day is a new day. I am not stopping my goal of 50 or more jumping jacks a day. I just need to start doing these before I walk/jog because once I do, I use that as an excuse not to that day, because my legs feel like jello. I have been super sore last few days from saturdays 5k walk/jog so that just shows you how out of shape I really am! during the week last wk I lost 2 lbs. hope it still looks the same after my after workout pizza. yesterday's taco salad. sigh. I am terrible about giving up those favorite foods. Haven't even tried. Just trying to workout, and get back to steadily counting my calories and staying within goal. I have been bad about tracking my intake lately also. this week our tire blew out on the van so one of my walks was walking home. good thing it blew out, right outside my neigborhood. I am so thankful for this as I had 6 children with me. Our tires are virtually impossible to find because they aren't used anymore so we had to check the salvage yards and were blessed to find one and get the van fixed. Yesterday evening we had fun as a family bobbing for apples. the kids had a ball with it and that's the first time in a long long time since I have actually eaten an apple. I normally hate apples, but that one was tart and I actually enjoyed it. usually when I eat apples it's only in apple pie, or drinking apple juice or something like that.