Wednesday, September 28, 2011

today is a new day!

this morning we started our homeschooling day off with reading our scriptures - book of Mormon study, and then listened to conference. President Uchtdorf was speaking about focusing on what's really important and coming unto Him. This talk left me feeling happy, rejuvenated and like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. We are all imperfect people. We have our good days and our bad. It is never too late to start a new. Never too late to truly become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is another day! Here is the link to the video:

another great talk of his is titled "the things that matter most" listened to it this morning also..
I want to try to pattern my days, and my attitude's around this motto "The things that matter most". Does this matter most? Is this important? Does this have a significant importance in the eternal perspective of things? Is this life or death? Will it make me a better person? Don't sweat the small stuff this is something I have always been bad about; making mountains out of molehills.. I get stressed or anxious over every little thing that doesn't go the way I want it to. Don't we all do this at one point or another? Lets quit making mountain out of molehills. Enjoy life, be happy, do our best, and focus in life on the things that matter most.

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