Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22,2011

today has been a very good homeschooling day, and in general. started off the day with Seth doing math- place values by the hundreds, thousands, and millions. Then Seth read 1st story in his reading textbook. Then Seth, anna, and andrew did a worksheet- counting with quarters, played a phonics game, and then computer online learning time. they did wii active life explorer for physical fitness. It has been a nice and fun day of learning today. for lunch we had homemade pizza, and kids played outside and watched a movie. ahh.. if only all days were as good as this. I am glad because today is Devin and my (11th) anniversary and so far it's been a good one! Now lizzie is doing a numbers worksheet, she worked in her workbook earlier and for science earlier we did animal flashcards together (liz, and I) the cards show picture, name of animal, what group it is classified in, and a description of each. animal, foods it eats, habitat,etc) time to work with josh now. He has done interactive learning, time for math worksheets, and reading, and science. hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. I love teaching my kids, and watching them learn and grow. It is very rewarding!

for excercise today I have done 50 jumping jacks, and kids have worked out on wii active life explorer. :)

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