Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A new school yr, a new fresh start!

So the new homeschooling yr has begun officially as of september 1! Although we never really "quit" homeschooling/learning during the summer it started the new yr this month. To jumpstart the new school yr we got new and are getting new materials for the new yr and the kids are really excited about their new stuff.
For science we have McGraw-Hill Language arts book grade 4, McGraw-Hill Science- grade 4, Grade 4 grammar practice book, grade 4 curriculum workbook
Grade 3- MGraw-hill science book (on it's way), grade 3 curriculum workbook, Grade 2 McGraw-hill science book, and science workbook, Grade 4 Mathematics textbook (McGraw-hill), grade 1 curriculum workbook, Grade k workbook on it's way. still stuff on it's way. Of course we have flashcards,and other stuff from last yr as well. the new stuff boosts the kids interest levels though and makes it feel new to them all over again. Things have started cooling down a bit making schooling even funner because on those beautiful days out, we are able to do some homeschooling outdoors. Kids cleaned out the carport and had fun putting their fold up table outside in the carport and were doing schooling there for the day. as you know the McGraw-hill books tend to be pretty pricey as they are textbooks but I got lucky and found them on amazon for dirt cheap. they were evidently much much older editions of the books thus much cheaper than the current ones on the Mcgraw -hill website. BONUS!

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