Sunday, September 18, 2011

mamavation- September 18 2011

well as you all know last wk I planned on starting jumping jacks daily as a challenge to myself. I didn't get it done every day, but I did get them in 3-4 days of the week.
Sunday- I did 25-50
monday I did 75 jumping jacks, and 50 leg squats. (25 each leg)
tuesday-25- 50
thursday- saturday I don't think I did any but I may be remembering wrong. gonna have to make me a daily log so I know what I get done and don't forget what day I did what. LOL every day kinda blends in together around here since I do pretty much the same thing every day. LOL homeschooling, cleaning, being a mom.
Might do some today, but not feeling good right now.

goals for the upcoming wk
eat smaller portions
drink more water
jumping jacks daily
workout on wii atleast 3x
strength train atleast 3 x

definitely doing babysteps but this wk was definitely an improvement from no workouts in a whole month+
So I am getting back on the bandwagon.. slow and steady. :)
keep motivating me ladies. it's working!

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MNMSpecial said...

Baby steps work the best, you have to walk before you can run. You have great goals set! Good luck this week tracking your progress :)

Laila said...

Love your goals! Starting small is always the way to go so you don't feel overwhelmed. Best of luck to you this week!

Anonymous said...

You are doing amazing and baby steps are the way to do it!! Good luck this week!

Aries Mommy said...

You have great attainable goals. Keep focusing on what you can do, instead of what you cannot. Have a great week!

Katie said...

Nice job on last week. You're doing it!

Owen's Mom said...

What is your daily JJ goal? Just curious... I would be willing to give you a twitter nudge if you want. Just let me know (@notimeMom)

You goals seem good. Just keep movin' and shakin'. Have a great week!

Andrea said...

Baby steps is exactly how it should go.

And congrats on the jumping jacks, even if you didn't get to it everyday. Getting up and moving is the important part.

Good luck this week with your goals!!