Sunday, September 11, 2011

mamavation - September 11, 2011

well this last week I am afraid I don't have much to report. I slacked on the excercise all week due to absolutely no motivation. each day, I'd say to myself today's the day! But then I just couldn't make myself workout!
well yesterday was the day! I made myself do jumping jacks! It felt GREAT, and made me feel soooo much better! I got 75 jumping jacks in and want to make a goal to do jumping jacks every day or as close to every day as possible!
I want to not over do it, with all I have been through, and start back 1 babystep at a time, and jumping jacks is a easily obtainable goal!
I'd like to take walks with the kids, walk the puppy,etc as well!
I'd also like to get back to working out on the wii but no promises yet. baby steps baby steps!

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Question: When was the last time you got new workout shoes? What do you use them for?
I think I bought mine a few months ago. Bought them really cheap from walmart but they are comfy and do the trick! I use them for everything really, but I especially love them for taking walks,running,etc and I have high arches so they do great for my arch supports and I have heal spurs, and what I think may be foot edema(not sure) and my feet feel better when I wear them more often.

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cheers to everyone for a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

Amen! It's all about those baby steps! Way to go taking those first steps... I find those are the hardest.
Have a great week!

MNMSpecial said...

I love your goal. I would love to join you, but I can't jump yet. I'm hoping you are well and happy considering all that has happened in your life lately. Baby steps are the way to make things stick.

Aries Mommy said...

Baby steps are the way to go. They will add up faster than you think. ((hugs)) I hope you have a good week and keep finding the spark that motivates you.

Lena said...

Baby steps is what will give you the real results. Small changes are more permanent. XO

Katie said...

Like the other girls steps. I love that you got in those jumping jacks! Don't give up. Each day is a new chance to jump around.