Monday, September 19, 2011

mamavation- my accomplishments this week

monday- I was sick but managed 25 jumping jacks
wed- jumping jacks 50
thursday- wii cycling
friday- sept 23- 100 jumping jacks, 1000 steps- basic step- wii fit plus.
saturday- nothing
sunday- nothing
monday- 100 jumping jacks by bedtime, and wii fit plus free step- 1,957 steps.

definitely a step up from my previous month. I didn't get in jumping jacks every day as planned, but not too shabby.

I am hanging in there. doing alot better than I was in regards to my dad. still have my moments of sadness, but I am doing a whole lot better than I was! I went to church conferences on saturday, and the morning one, had me thinking alot of dad, and I was really missing him. Some days are harder than others. I have become accepting of the sad fact that he's gone but I hate it. hate coming to terms with it because I hate it. Seems so unfair that he had to go so soon in life, but then again.. life just isn't fair is it? we were never told it would be easy.
The excercise and getting back into the groove of things is definitely helping me to not sink into a depression and helping me to move on. I am trying to change my life, and focus on the good in my life and cherish it. trying to be happy and not stress so much. Relying on the Lord to help carry me through the hard days more than I was before, and cherishing the fact that the Lord loves me, and does care about me and my pain, and loves me, despite my shortcomings.


Amanda said...

I think exercising has helped keep me from falling into a depressed funk too. I find that on the days I'm active and moving, I feel better than on the days I don't.
I hope that moving helps keep you from falling into that sort of funk - if you need anything, just shout out, hun.

Shannan Powell said...

I've fallen off the wagon as far as exercise lately, but am working on it. When I was being really consistent earlier in the year, I felt so much better about everything.

I completely understand your grief and how hard it is to work through. I lost my mom far too soon, three years ago. It's so very hard. Huge hugs to you.

Andrea said...

I am inspired by your jumping jacks. I love when you tweet it - keep it up!!!! I did the Wii Fit last night after we chatted about Free Step. Thank you for the motivation. :)

Katie said...

Look at you and your jumping jacks! I'm loving seeing how you're sticking with that! Keep it up and remember we're all here if you need a shoulder, a hug or a kick in the tush. :)

GAFlyGirl said...

thanks so much ladies. ya'll are the greatest! hugs!