Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introduction to The Book Of Mormon

mamavation- October 3 2011

Sept 26-oct 3
Monday- 100 jumping jacks, 1957 steps- wii fit free step
tuesday- 50 jumping jacks, 2012 steps- wii fit free step
wednesday:can't remember if I did jumping jacks that day or not..
thursday- ran 4.18 miles on wii fit plus (3 -10 minute 1+ mile increments at a time), arm- hand weight lifting.
friday- nothing- sore
saturday-nothing- sore
Sunday- nothing

didn't get jumping jacks in every day, but I did get 4.18 miles of running in which is huge for me. woot go me! it was on the wii fit plus, not outdoors. hard to get outdoor runs in when I have 6 kids home all the time. maybe this next week I will do some running outside and run around my house. LOL
still have not found my other pedometer so that is definitely on my wish list.
have a great week everyone.
I am doing a daily jumping jacks challenge of 50 or more jumping jacks daily
60 miles in October challenge on

goals this upcoming week:
drink 8 glasses of water a day
track nutrition daily
do jumping jacks daily, and atleast 1 mile a day
eat smaller portions.

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today is a new day!

this morning we started our homeschooling day off with reading our scriptures - book of Mormon study, and then listened to conference. President Uchtdorf was speaking about focusing on what's really important and coming unto Him. This talk left me feeling happy, rejuvenated and like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. We are all imperfect people. We have our good days and our bad. It is never too late to start a new. Never too late to truly become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is another day! Here is the link to the video:

another great talk of his is titled "the things that matter most" listened to it this morning also..
I want to try to pattern my days, and my attitude's around this motto "The things that matter most". Does this matter most? Is this important? Does this have a significant importance in the eternal perspective of things? Is this life or death? Will it make me a better person? Don't sweat the small stuff this is something I have always been bad about; making mountains out of molehills.. I get stressed or anxious over every little thing that doesn't go the way I want it to. Don't we all do this at one point or another? Lets quit making mountain out of molehills. Enjoy life, be happy, do our best, and focus in life on the things that matter most.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22,2011

today has been a very good homeschooling day, and in general. started off the day with Seth doing math- place values by the hundreds, thousands, and millions. Then Seth read 1st story in his reading textbook. Then Seth, anna, and andrew did a worksheet- counting with quarters, played a phonics game, and then computer online learning time. they did wii active life explorer for physical fitness. It has been a nice and fun day of learning today. for lunch we had homemade pizza, and kids played outside and watched a movie. ahh.. if only all days were as good as this. I am glad because today is Devin and my (11th) anniversary and so far it's been a good one! Now lizzie is doing a numbers worksheet, she worked in her workbook earlier and for science earlier we did animal flashcards together (liz, and I) the cards show picture, name of animal, what group it is classified in, and a description of each. animal, foods it eats, habitat,etc) time to work with josh now. He has done interactive learning, time for math worksheets, and reading, and science. hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. I love teaching my kids, and watching them learn and grow. It is very rewarding!

for excercise today I have done 50 jumping jacks, and kids have worked out on wii active life explorer. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A new blog look new fun!

So I decided it was indeed time for a new look for my blog. I hope you all like it! :-) tell me what you think!

Monday, September 19, 2011

mamavation- my accomplishments this week

monday- I was sick but managed 25 jumping jacks
wed- jumping jacks 50
thursday- wii cycling
friday- sept 23- 100 jumping jacks, 1000 steps- basic step- wii fit plus.
saturday- nothing
sunday- nothing
monday- 100 jumping jacks by bedtime, and wii fit plus free step- 1,957 steps.

definitely a step up from my previous month. I didn't get in jumping jacks every day as planned, but not too shabby.

I am hanging in there. doing alot better than I was in regards to my dad. still have my moments of sadness, but I am doing a whole lot better than I was! I went to church conferences on saturday, and the morning one, had me thinking alot of dad, and I was really missing him. Some days are harder than others. I have become accepting of the sad fact that he's gone but I hate it. hate coming to terms with it because I hate it. Seems so unfair that he had to go so soon in life, but then again.. life just isn't fair is it? we were never told it would be easy.
The excercise and getting back into the groove of things is definitely helping me to not sink into a depression and helping me to move on. I am trying to change my life, and focus on the good in my life and cherish it. trying to be happy and not stress so much. Relying on the Lord to help carry me through the hard days more than I was before, and cherishing the fact that the Lord loves me, and does care about me and my pain, and loves me, despite my shortcomings.


So today I will be taking babysteps. babysteps at schooling, babysteps at cleaning/flying, babysteps at everything. Last 2 days I have been feeling under the weather. Must have some sort of a stomach bug as I have been feeling really icky and thus no energy too. this is definitely going to have to be a timer kind of day. going to have to utilize the kids help.
to do list for today is as follows:
living rm


I took a shower and am feeling better for the moment, so I am going to tackle what I can while I am. Kids have had a movie morning, and are currently watching a science experiment video.. teaches science through constant experiments. Kids enjoy it, and they actually remember what they learn :-)

as for today excercise plans.. want to get my jumping jacks in. doing 25 at a time, and hoping for a walk with the puppy and kids around the neigborhood today. and going to do some atleast light strength training. What are your plans for today? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

mamavation- September 18 2011

well as you all know last wk I planned on starting jumping jacks daily as a challenge to myself. I didn't get it done every day, but I did get them in 3-4 days of the week.
Sunday- I did 25-50
monday I did 75 jumping jacks, and 50 leg squats. (25 each leg)
tuesday-25- 50
thursday- saturday I don't think I did any but I may be remembering wrong. gonna have to make me a daily log so I know what I get done and don't forget what day I did what. LOL every day kinda blends in together around here since I do pretty much the same thing every day. LOL homeschooling, cleaning, being a mom.
Might do some today, but not feeling good right now.

goals for the upcoming wk
eat smaller portions
drink more water
jumping jacks daily
workout on wii atleast 3x
strength train atleast 3 x

definitely doing babysteps but this wk was definitely an improvement from no workouts in a whole month+
So I am getting back on the bandwagon.. slow and steady. :)
keep motivating me ladies. it's working!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A new school yr, a new fresh start!

So the new homeschooling yr has begun officially as of september 1! Although we never really "quit" homeschooling/learning during the summer it started the new yr this month. To jumpstart the new school yr we got new and are getting new materials for the new yr and the kids are really excited about their new stuff.
For science we have McGraw-Hill Language arts book grade 4, McGraw-Hill Science- grade 4, Grade 4 grammar practice book, grade 4 curriculum workbook
Grade 3- MGraw-hill science book (on it's way), grade 3 curriculum workbook, Grade 2 McGraw-hill science book, and science workbook, Grade 4 Mathematics textbook (McGraw-hill), grade 1 curriculum workbook, Grade k workbook on it's way. still stuff on it's way. Of course we have flashcards,and other stuff from last yr as well. the new stuff boosts the kids interest levels though and makes it feel new to them all over again. Things have started cooling down a bit making schooling even funner because on those beautiful days out, we are able to do some homeschooling outdoors. Kids cleaned out the carport and had fun putting their fold up table outside in the carport and were doing schooling there for the day. as you know the McGraw-hill books tend to be pretty pricey as they are textbooks but I got lucky and found them on amazon for dirt cheap. they were evidently much much older editions of the books thus much cheaper than the current ones on the Mcgraw -hill website. BONUS!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

mamavation - September 11, 2011

well this last week I am afraid I don't have much to report. I slacked on the excercise all week due to absolutely no motivation. each day, I'd say to myself today's the day! But then I just couldn't make myself workout!
well yesterday was the day! I made myself do jumping jacks! It felt GREAT, and made me feel soooo much better! I got 75 jumping jacks in and want to make a goal to do jumping jacks every day or as close to every day as possible!
I want to not over do it, with all I have been through, and start back 1 babystep at a time, and jumping jacks is a easily obtainable goal!
I'd like to take walks with the kids, walk the puppy,etc as well!
I'd also like to get back to working out on the wii but no promises yet. baby steps baby steps!

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Question: When was the last time you got new workout shoes? What do you use them for?
I think I bought mine a few months ago. Bought them really cheap from walmart but they are comfy and do the trick! I use them for everything really, but I especially love them for taking walks,running,etc and I have high arches so they do great for my arch supports and I have heal spurs, and what I think may be foot edema(not sure) and my feet feel better when I wear them more often.

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cheers to everyone for a fabulous week!