Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Detailed Cleaning the flylady way

So this past week or so I have begun our detailed cleaning adventure. You know.. that time we all dread when we have to clean behind everything.. the dressers, the fridge, the stove, scrubbing the walls, the baseboards,the CLOSETS, inside the OVEN... what?? you do that every month anyway? YOU GOODIE GOODIES! lol So okay, I don't do it as often as I know it needs it but HEY I'm trying.. babysteps remember?! So this week I have been working on this and with extreme detail. I want it done and done right. my ultimate goal is to be like all you wonderful moms out there who enjoy cleaning, and get these dreadful chores done all the time!! Forget the past.. it's time to move forward! I hope to get it done monthly too. So last week I cleaned behind the fridge, and the kids cleaned out/organized the Pantry.. (voluntarily I might add. Atleast to start with) and might I add, they LOVED IT. Hey! It saved me from a huge chore i'd have to add to the mile long list of to do's, so no complaints here. :) 2 days ago I cleaned out the bottom cabinets in the kitchen, and today the girls and I cleaned behind their long dresser. It really is nice to get it done. feels good! I figure if I have a spring cleaning project per day, within 2 weeks I should hopefully have the detailed cleaning list tackled. :-) What's on your detailed cleaning list?! how often do you tackle these chores?

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