Thursday, June 30, 2011

this weeks adventures!

Son had Cub scout camp this week and has been having a rockin good time! It started on monday, and he finishes it up tomorrow with a family camp cookout, and a rewards ceremony! Dh even got off work for the special day! It should be some good ole fun family time!
(Wednesday) I decided to challenge myself to start doing jumping jacks every day and stomach reverse crunches atleast every other day, if I can't do it every day. Yesterday I did 75 Jumping jacks, wii fit hula hoop(2 rounds), and 40 reverse crunches.
today (thursday) I did 75 jumping jacks (thursday), reverse crunches, leg lifts

on the plan for the rest of the week
jumping jacks,
wii fit hula hoop
wii fit basic run/ or free run
hand weights
push ups

I am DETERMINED to lose this tummy fat, and hip fat, and thighs need it too! I will be a better, happier me! One who feels better, is happier, and has more energy too!

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