Thursday, June 16, 2011

mamavation monday- june 20 2011

not sure what to write about this week for my mamavation post but it was a busy week of housekeeping,and I got back into working out. felt I was more consistent this week which made me feel better about myself atleast physically. I still feel dreadfully fat and when I actually weighed myself this week it was depressing because I have gained so much back with my lack of effort since beginning homeschooling, and my slacking on charting what I eat, and not being careful with what I eat. but I lost it before so I can lose it again. I have began charting my calories again so hopefully this will help along with the working out more steadily.

workout accomplishments:
monday- none
tuesday- none
wed-worked out on wii fit plus- jogging- 27 minutes- burned 217 calories
thursday- none
friday-wii fit plus- 16 minutes- burned 127 calories (hula hoops, basic run (island run)
saturday- wii fit plus- basic run- 14 minutes- burned 121 calories. (5.0 METS), sparkpeople 10 minute cardio jump rope workout with coach nicole burned 164 calories


Megan said...

I can't even imagine the ability to find the time to be a person homeschooling with six kids. You truly are a super woman! Good luck finding your swing of balance to get you back on track. Maybe some homeschool workout with mom hour :)

Ms Mary said...

I loved homeschooling my kids the year I did it. I know it takes time and energy, good luck on finding the balance.

MMM said...

You are awesome! I have 3 children, and 2 of them are school age. I would LOVE to homeschool them, but I am not real sure I have the patience. What a wonder mom you are! And really, I know it is easy to get down on our selves...but you are so awesome to be teaching your kids, that you can't get too down on your self. Anything is better than nothing! So...keep up the good work!

Lena said...

Of course you can loose it again. And we are here to support you

GAFlyGirl said...

thank you ladies!