Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 2011

things have been crazy and I have really been unsure of what to write about in my homeschooling that would interest my readers. but since this is a blog for everything in my life with an emphasis in schooling since that occupies alot of my time, I will be writing what I get done each day and my routines, and more so you might see a little bit of everything.
I have been in need of setting up a new routine, and control journal, and I like posting my accomplishments because it gives me motivation so that is what this post is going to be of.
today's accomplishments were as follows:
Breakfast 9:30-10:00
Devotional- scripture reading, understanding, song- learning about meaning of the words. 10:30-11:30
Conference- Josh, Andrew,Daniel 10:30-11:30
Anna, Seth,liz- Scrabble JR- 10:30-11:15 (building words, spelling)
11:15- 12:09 reading: wizard of Oz- chapter book by L Frank Baum
Lizzie- sightwords 11:15-11:30
Chapter book reading- seth- “Knights Castle” by Edward Eager – 11:50- 12:09 1 chapter
Lizzie, Daniel- read story to them- care bears, special delivery (valentine story about love, friendship)
Chapter 2: 12:32-1:17- seth
Anna- writing –“The white house” (citizenship)- workbook- comprehensive curriculum of basic skills
Josh- conference- 12:09-1:17
Outside time- 1 hr
History- the search for Ponce De Leon (movie)- myth- the search for the fountain of youth.
Blues clues- Daniel, liz, josh
Math- workbooks- anna, Seth
Anna- interactive learning
Home economics- housekeeping- cleaning up
Science- ch 1 text book " Science for Christian schools" -Observation in relation to the five senses
numbers and counting workbook- Lizzie
Lifeskills- friendship video's netflix

cleared table from breakfast
unloaded dishwasher
table wiped after lunch- girls
kids rms- kids
brought in garbage from curb
started wash
5 minute excercises

to do: laundry
wash/load dishes, start dishwasher
dinner clean up
mommy: pamper time

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