Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 2011

today was a busy day today of cleaning/home economics, and then started the instructional time at 4 pm. My day was busy directing kids in their projects of cleaning the bedrooms which took alot of time due to lack of focus, cooperation on the kids parts. then at 4 pm I started them on workbooks, hooked on phonics- master reader. yesterday for science we learned about earthquakes, and tsunami's at which was fun. I love teaching them about weather, and they really enjoy watching the video's of the storms,weather too. I would have to say that by far, science is my favorite subject to teach. I hated it growing up but I love it now.
during quiet time i used that time to work out! I got in rhythym boxing, basic island run on the wii fit, and 20 pushups in. woot!
goals for the rest of tonight:
finish up homeschool
get kids to bed
get things tidied
hopefully after scouts dh will get some more flooring done!
finish up tidying the master bedroom, bathrm

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L Harris said...

wanna come teach science at my house?