Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

So spring is finally here, and it's that time again. We have alot we are planning for in the next month or so. Planning on redoing our flooring in our house and getting laminate flooring! I have dreamed of this day, let me tell you! So hard to have carpet when you have children and it will be nice to be done with it!
today we have been spring cleaning. I cleaned out the carport, with some help from the kids, and cleaned in the yard. And this morning I mowed some of the lawn for 1 hr. It has been an exausting day. I am slowly working on the bouse but so exausted from mowing, it completely wiped me out. Kids did some homeschooling outdoors today,on the blanket. It was a fun way to do homeschooling on such a beautiful day as this. Hoping to get some more mowing done later, but not sure I will. It was physically exausting.
According to sparkpeople I burned 444 calories just in the hour of mowing lawn! woot woot! Adrianna turned 8 March 15th and is so excited to be joining Achievement girls starting this wednesday! She is getting baptised April 23rd and is super excited. We got her dress and are counting down the days till the big day!
todays agenda
mowing lawn- started
clean in house
sort and wash laundry
clean yard- started
clean carport- done
homeschooling- started

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