Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8,2011- what a day!

back home from dd's ballet class. started sweeping floor, kids watching stars wars. I need me time! Been a long day and I am pooped! Mind you I am not complaining. Today was actually a relatively good homeschooling day and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my children today... It's just been long. I haven't quite gotten much housekeeping done yet today. I did re-wash a load of Laundry, and I folded and put away a load of laundry leaving me feeling momentarily productive as far as the house is concerned, but I still need to finish unloading dishes, finish sweeping the kitchen floor I started to clean, and the house in general. I didn't get any workouts in yet today, but then I am super duper sore and having trouble walking straight as it is. LOL But I planned on atleast lifting handweights, and using my resistance bands if anything. So while the kids are calm now and watching Star wars, I plan to set my timer as a source of motivational inspiration and get my house cleaned up 15 minutes at a time! Yay for timers and flylady! also going to boil us some eggs and make egg salad sandwhiches tonight. Ballet night always calls for something relatively easy for me. I have never been super good about menu planning and super duperly healthy meals which I really want to change.

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