Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy week at home

this has been a busy week at home. This weekend we begun a remodeling project and removed our carpet in our living rm. We are switching to laminate flooring. It will be so nice to be rid of the carpet. Last week for my fitness venture it was just mowing 3-4 days in a row which amounted to quite a bit of calorie burning! As for working out on wii fit, walking,things like that, it never happened but I felt good about my activity due to mowing, and then over the weekend I removed heavy carpet, sanded by hand for a day (which really gave my arm a workout- even made it sore), and with a power sander yesterday, and the night before. So all in all, I have been pretty active here at home. yesterday I seemed to be hit with a bug or really nasty head cold complete with bad aches, pains, cough, headache. I used profen for the pains during the day but about 10:30 they came back with a vengeance and the medicine didn't work and I found myself in bed shivering like mad! the sleep helped, and by 6 am I felt better, but I can tell I am not completely over it. My cough, chest pain has subsided some, my aches are mostly gone but I feel queasy today so I am not sure if it is just cold or a stomach bug of some sort. At first I thought it was all that saw dust getting to me, from sanding, but then started noticing all the head cold symptoms then came the chills, aches. Alas the life of a mother doesn't get put on hold when we get sick, so I have still been cleaning house, at a slower pace mind you, and taking a break from the sanding and leaving that to the husband. tonight though, he and son have scouts, and daughter has achievement girls activity night (her first since turning 8 March 15) So needless to say she is real excited.
She is in ballet and they are preparing for her upcoming recital in May "Alice in Candyland" She is playing the part of a cordial Cherry :-) This will be her first recital and she is super excited!
So todays to do list:
dishes- done
Master bedroom

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