Thursday, February 10, 2011

wow! What a day

Today has been a day full of many well lets just say challenges, (van troubles, wallet falling out of the van (at home thankfully) when we were out and about Then after we got home, the boys kept causing mischief so I put them to work helping me around the house and working on their lifeskills. Andrew washed dishes, and helped me load the dish washer, DD7 cleaned family room then worked on typing skills with a typing game, then telling time. Others? Well still working on getting them to finish cleaning, and learn cooperation. So it has been a pretty stressful day so far. HOWEVER... it WILL get better today. I am determined! feel free to check out any of the resources or sites I mention in my homeschooling. they are all free resources found online. except for the curriculum workbooks we bought which are brainquest workbooks which we bought from

Plans for the rest of the day..
school school schooling!

reading hour- outloud
Math- telling time, interactive
social studies
guided reading
worksheet time- practicing skills
handwriting skills
spiritual studies
working together,cooperation lesson- lifeskills
letter focus- B
had a nutrition class I was going to attend tonight, but not going now.. too much schooling to catch up with tonight.


space game about gravity, the planet pluto ( kids
worksheets- telling time (2nd,third grader), homonyms worksheets for the 3rd grader, 1st grader did a worksheet learning about the soft a sound. (pan, fan, van),etc..

A free curriculum site I use is it pulls free resources from all over the site, craft/recipe ideas in relation to the lesson topics, you can plan all 36 weeks of curriculum, find links to related games,articles, and even worksheets. Its great!

Another great resource is and

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