Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Presidents Day is coming up! So lets learn about them!

So this week we had fun in social studies. With Presidents Day coming up next week I thought it would be fun to discuss a different President's life starting with George Washington. So on Wednesday we read George Washington's biography, and about the making of the Constitution, and watched some YouTube videos on George Washington- animated. It was fun! We also did a George Washington crossword puzzle. social studies lesson #2: We watched Pocahontas 2, and then read an article from wikipedia on the life of the REAL Pocahontas. :-)and what REALLY TRULY happened! :-) Math we finished up some worksheets that hadn't been finished yet. It was a fun filled day of learning!
Thursday we Learned all about John Adams from his biography and some video clips from a movie about him, and the declaration of Independence, and today we will be learning about Thomas Jefferson and maybe even reading more about George Washington's life.
There is a wonderful site I stumbled upon yesterday when google searching for good info on John Adams and it has biographies on all of the Presidents of the United states and I just know you will love it like I do.. It is at:

What did YOU do this week in your homeschool? :-) Do tell!

to do list: memorize the constitution Preamble..

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