Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday, sick bugs, and homeshooling exaustion

So our house has been under the weather the last few days. First it started with my dear daughter age4 then 2 days later(yesterday morning) it hit the 3 yr old boy, and then last night it hit 8 yr old son, and daughter age 7 this morning at church and it's well on it's way to hitting the entire family. Only ones left to get it now is me, hubby,and the other 3 kids. I keep praying it passes me up as I am the one who takes care of everyone during the week while dear husband is off at the job, and I need to be able to function, and do the home-teaching, housekeeping, and all.
Last night I thought I was in the process of getting it, then as later evening progressed I felt better so who knows.. I just wish if I were getting it, to get it over with before Monday hits. I don't want it mind you, but if at all, it's better to get it when hubby is here. So needless to say between sicknesses, homeschooling during the week, and exaustion by night fall.. I didn't get any workouts in till TODAY!. Each day I had good intentions, each day it didn't happen. Last night I really hoped to go for a afternoon/evening walk but dear boy 3 was too sick to go, and hubby went to my dad's to pick up food storage he gave us. now that hubby is home from church with the newest sick one,I was able to take my walk!!!! woohoo so I took a 3.05 mile walk.. mind you it took me 100 minutes to walk it but I did it. Even when not feeling too good. Not bad eh?
actually the fresh air did me alot of good. It felt good being outdoors, and by myself, and I even lifted handweights the entire time so I not only got in 100 minutes of sweaty cardio in, but I also got 100 minutes of strength training in. :-)

Cheers to an awesome week!
Here are my goals for the upcoming week. praying for a better week

Monday- 100 jumping jacks, jumping rope, strength training- pushups,crunches,etc
tuesday- wii fit, 100 jumping jacks, strength training(arms)
wednesday- strength training(crunches,pushups,etc), jumping rope
thursday- wii fit, 100 jumping jacks, ST- pushups,crunches,etc
friday- wii fit, jumping rope
saturday- wii easactive(cardio and strength training), and or walk


Anonymous said...

Awesome, celebrate what accomplishments you did have! The mom life is super hectic, and your schedule basically revolves around the kids' schedules, so when you're able to get in some time for yourself, celebrate it! Every little bit helps :)

Amanda said...

Good luck avoiding the sickies!
Kudos to you for juggling such a hectic schedule and still finding time for your work outs! You pretty much rock!

MNMSpecial said...

Fingers crossed you get over the sickness unscathed. Way to go on the multitasking of cardio and weight.
I don't know how I missed you are LDS too. So that is cool to know!
good luck this week doing all the mommy things and home school and finding the you time you deserve.

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

guess what? the bug hit me! so not fun!

Rebecca B. said...

Sick kiddos and sick mommy are no fun! I hope you can get a break at some point... take it easy on yourself!

Do celebrate the small things that you're accomplishing! That's awesome!!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Ugh. I see your comment that the bug hit. Drink lots and get your rest. Allow your body to recoup then jump into the plan - it looks great! I know when you are able, you'll be back it!


Katie said...

Oh no! I was hoping that the bug would miss you. Try to take care of yourself the best you can. Plenty of fluids and rest as much as you can.

kia said...

Good luck for a better week. Many of us have had plagues on our homes lately.

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

feeling much much better today. thanks ladies for the comments! Poor hubby is getting the bug now. sigh! Kids are better now. 2 of the kids never fully got it. Just a small tummy ache 1 day, and one got a headache with it, but no other symptoms. I envied them. Hit me like a ton of bricks!