Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Families are forever!

family photo- Dec 2009
Dinner with the sister Missionaries

My beautiful baby sister's wedding

Pre-surgery- my mom's liver resection surgery

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

mamavation Monday report- feb 22,2011

So I am a little late posting this. It's tuesday now... This week I didn't get any "workouts" in however somehow by some miracle I lost 3 lbs as of this morning. really not sure how. Maybe water weight, maybe a mix of that, no fast food, little to no junk food, and taking care of kids. Today was first time I worked out since sunday before last and today I did strength training. Yesterday my workout was cleaning behind the fridge which equated to a huge amount of calories burned probably. It was quite the workout for me. Yesterday morning the scale said 204.6 and this morning it said 203.6 :-)

I did 35 minutes of Strength training this morning which consisted of the resistance bands, Sparkpeople workouts: reverse crunches, reverse crunches with excercise ball, pushups, bicep curls with band,lying abduction

goals for the week:
tuesday: jumping jacks, wii fit
wednesday- wii fit
thursday- Strength training
friday- off
walking/running- saturday

Congrats to this weeks sistah of the week: Rebecca (@MomRuns26) :-)
BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Fit Studio. One blogging carnival participant will receive a Fitness Basket with Weider PowerSwitch Adjustable 25 lb. Hand Weight, 65 cm Fitness Ball, and Sportline Elite Fitness Pedometer

Have a wonderful week ladies!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

february 19,2011 to do list- saturday

family to do list for today
spiritual learning- scripture study- DONE
grocery shopping/LIBRARY
Living room declutter/organize, clean- IN PROGRESS
homeschooling- worksheets,Handwriting skills- Kids actually volunteered to do these today. woohoo! so happy to see them learning to love learning

Master bedroom- declutter/organize
Closet- master bedroom

Friday, February 18, 2011


So today we have been FLYING as a family. I have been trying to get the kids to help out more and clean their rooms, help in the kitchen, and get the house in order before we start into the formal learning today, so we are applying these lifeskills into our homeschooling this morning.
I did dishes this morning, Kids cleared,wiped the table, Son age 8 swept floor, Kids cleaned their rooms. After we finish here it is on to the formal schooling

the agenda for today
Social Studies- Thomas Jefferson
outside play
baking cookies
friday night- family movie night/game night fun

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Presidents Day is coming up! So lets learn about them!

So this week we had fun in social studies. With Presidents Day coming up next week I thought it would be fun to discuss a different President's life starting with George Washington. So on Wednesday we read George Washington's biography, and about the making of the Constitution, and watched some YouTube videos on George Washington- animated. It was fun! We also did a George Washington crossword puzzle. social studies lesson #2: We watched Pocahontas 2, and then read an article from wikipedia on the life of the REAL Pocahontas. :-)and what REALLY TRULY happened! :-) Math we finished up some worksheets that hadn't been finished yet. It was a fun filled day of learning!
Thursday we Learned all about John Adams from his biography and some video clips from a movie about him, and the declaration of Independence, and today we will be learning about Thomas Jefferson and maybe even reading more about George Washington's life.
There is a wonderful site I stumbled upon yesterday when google searching for good info on John Adams and it has biographies on all of the Presidents of the United states and I just know you will love it like I do.. It is at:

What did YOU do this week in your homeschool? :-) Do tell!

to do list: memorize the constitution Preamble..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Valentines Day!- a Inspirational Quote to enjoy!

F I L L E D W I T H L O V E !!
You are filled with love that you long to express. And yet all too often you hold it inside.
The times when you feel most fully alive are the times when you act based on love. The greatest value you have to give is the value that comes from your love.

Though you may fear that it will make you vulnerable, love actually gives you great strength. Let yourself love, and let your love flow.

Think of the people you love, the values you love, the things you love to do and the places you love to be. All that love will pull you and guide you toward where you truly belong.

Love challenges you to be who you most authentically are. Love enables you and compels you to find and to give the very best that you have.

Love is exceedingly difficult and unspeakably beautiful all at once. Live in love, and you truly live.

-- Ralph Marston

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday, sick bugs, and homeshooling exaustion

So our house has been under the weather the last few days. First it started with my dear daughter age4 then 2 days later(yesterday morning) it hit the 3 yr old boy, and then last night it hit 8 yr old son, and daughter age 7 this morning at church and it's well on it's way to hitting the entire family. Only ones left to get it now is me, hubby,and the other 3 kids. I keep praying it passes me up as I am the one who takes care of everyone during the week while dear husband is off at the job, and I need to be able to function, and do the home-teaching, housekeeping, and all.
Last night I thought I was in the process of getting it, then as later evening progressed I felt better so who knows.. I just wish if I were getting it, to get it over with before Monday hits. I don't want it mind you, but if at all, it's better to get it when hubby is here. So needless to say between sicknesses, homeschooling during the week, and exaustion by night fall.. I didn't get any workouts in till TODAY!. Each day I had good intentions, each day it didn't happen. Last night I really hoped to go for a afternoon/evening walk but dear boy 3 was too sick to go, and hubby went to my dad's to pick up food storage he gave us. now that hubby is home from church with the newest sick one,I was able to take my walk!!!! woohoo so I took a 3.05 mile walk.. mind you it took me 100 minutes to walk it but I did it. Even when not feeling too good. Not bad eh?
actually the fresh air did me alot of good. It felt good being outdoors, and by myself, and I even lifted handweights the entire time so I not only got in 100 minutes of sweaty cardio in, but I also got 100 minutes of strength training in. :-)

Cheers to an awesome week!
Here are my goals for the upcoming week. praying for a better week

Monday- 100 jumping jacks, jumping rope, strength training- pushups,crunches,etc
tuesday- wii fit, 100 jumping jacks, strength training(arms)
wednesday- strength training(crunches,pushups,etc), jumping rope
thursday- wii fit, 100 jumping jacks, ST- pushups,crunches,etc
friday- wii fit, jumping rope
saturday- wii easactive(cardio and strength training), and or walk

Thursday, February 10, 2011

wow! What a day

Today has been a day full of many well lets just say challenges, (van troubles, wallet falling out of the van (at home thankfully) when we were out and about Then after we got home, the boys kept causing mischief so I put them to work helping me around the house and working on their lifeskills. Andrew washed dishes, and helped me load the dish washer, DD7 cleaned family room then worked on typing skills with a typing game, then telling time. Others? Well still working on getting them to finish cleaning, and learn cooperation. So it has been a pretty stressful day so far. HOWEVER... it WILL get better today. I am determined! feel free to check out any of the resources or sites I mention in my homeschooling. they are all free resources found online. except for the curriculum workbooks we bought which are brainquest workbooks which we bought from

Plans for the rest of the day..
school school schooling!

reading hour- outloud
Math- telling time, interactive
social studies
guided reading
worksheet time- practicing skills
handwriting skills
spiritual studies
working together,cooperation lesson- lifeskills
letter focus- B
had a nutrition class I was going to attend tonight, but not going now.. too much schooling to catch up with tonight.


space game about gravity, the planet pluto ( kids
worksheets- telling time (2nd,third grader), homonyms worksheets for the 3rd grader, 1st grader did a worksheet learning about the soft a sound. (pan, fan, van),etc..

A free curriculum site I use is it pulls free resources from all over the site, craft/recipe ideas in relation to the lesson topics, you can plan all 36 weeks of curriculum, find links to related games,articles, and even worksheets. Its great!

Another great resource is and

Educating children- The Evolution of homeschooling

Meet Anne Gebhardt another mom who chose to homeschool her kids.

Read more:

Homeschool recommendations

Homeschooling recommendations
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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Homeschooling recomendations
some of my favorite homeschooling links...

thinkfinity- free homeschooling resources »
Enhance Learning
with FREE lesson plans
& educational resources

I just want to say I HIGHLY recommend this site. It is a wonderful educational tool to include in your homeschool. It links to so many great tool of learning from grammar, to history, to math.. I love it! One of the sites it links to which is another superb site for homeschooling tools is LOVE IT!!

I will continue to add to this list so check back often for more resources.