Wednesday, December 28, 2011

catching up on housework

So yesterday and today we are catching up on housework. After Christmas unwrappings, new toys to find a place for, and a kitchen that needs help... our home looks like a tornado hit it. It is slowly coming together. yesterday I spent it focusing on the dishes more. today I am working in the individual rooms. today will definitely be a timer kind of day as I am lacking the umph to race through and get it done. It does help some to have it sunny outside today though. Last few days it has been extremely cold,rainy, and ugly out making it feel gloomy inside too. It is only a quarter to 10 and the house is already making some headway.
so far I have gotten accomplished:
tidying living rm (still working on it)
1 load of laundry folded,put away
1 load of whites started
toys moved to kids rms
swept living rm, christmas trash thrown away outside
girls tidied bedrm
cleared table off in kitchen

will add to this list as the day goes on. we will also be using to help motivate kids, mom to help today. LOL What kind of motivators do you use to get things done around the house for your kids?? Sometimes sticker charts work here as well.. depending on the kids moods. timer works well for them as well, or sweeping stuff off floor into a pile and set timer. what isn't cleaned up when it beeps, gets thrown away. haha that gets them moving!

Monday, December 26, 2011

week 1 of EASactive challenge

Started the 9 week challenge on Wednesday this week, and did workout #3 today. felt great! Finished in shorter time today, and felt better with this workout. More energy at end of workout and not so worn out. game detected all my workouts this time with no problems and felt like the workouts are getting easier for me. In past when trying the 6 week challenge it didn't workout because I would get so sore from squats after day 1 that I couldn't hardly move for a week. Since I prepared with the mamavation 2 week challenge just before this and worked through the squat pain, I no longer feel pain from the squats so far since starting the 9 wk challenge and only mild soreness in the abs. feels great to have it getting easier! Feel like a stronger person.
worked out:
wednesday-challenge day 1
thursday- challenge day 2
friday- skipped
saturday- challenge day 4 workout 3
Sunday- off day
monday- off day

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Christmas Season is so much fun!

mamavation post:2011/ 2012 goals

So the mamavation 2 week challenge has come to a close. I did not finish all days as hoped for, so I was planning on finishing it up anyway because I really want more of a weight loss. I was really dissapointed and discouraged that I didn't lose more than I did. I lost no weight, but l did lose some inches in the hips, and thighs. That's better than nothing. I hope everyone has a good week and has a very merry Christmas!

goals for the 2012/2011
drink more water
try to be less stressed out
healthy food, portion control
excercise atleast 3-5 days- 30 minutes a day

be happier, more cheerful and pleasant to be around

lose 30 lbs atleast by next yr this time.

as for my sucesses/failures last yr.
I lost 10 lbs then gained it all back. :( but heres to a better year!
I did feel I became stronger and more confident in my workouts though. often I would give up when I would get sore for a week and not workout through my soreness, and not want to do the hard stuff anymore. But this past yr I had the opportunity to challenge my self and participated in two hard challenges. first one was the gruntstyle 2 week strength training challenge. That one I didn't do as great with, but then this last one which was the mamavation 2 week challenge, and I pushed myself, even through the soreness, and felt I came out of it a lot stronger person.
Here's to a great new yr!

Monday, December 12, 2011

mamavation Monday- December 12 2011 When the going gets tough!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Mamavation. Two blogging carnival participants will receive $25 ViSA gift card.

blogging carnival question this week is: How does your family support your weight loss efforts? The really aren't very supportive in it as far as the food goes. My husband is bad about offering me a piece of cake, or bringing home something delicious and terribly unhealthy.. but he doesn't force me to eat it. I just give in. however he does support my working out and I know he is proud of me for trying so hard.

this past week I have been participating in the mamavation 2 week challenge. It has changed me for the better. I am stronger, I have more faith in myself, and I am not so quick to give up when the going gets tough and the soreness sets in. I am proud of myself. I have learned to push myself harder than I ever have before and workout despite being sore and my thighs feeling like they were on fire. LOL
It has been a great week! Saturday I was pretty dissapointed that I couldn't get the whole 1.5 mile in, and full 100 situps in on saturday but I will be catching up this week. I had alot going on ,on saturday. I ran a little over 1 mile and got in 20 of the 100 situps in. I am not used to situps so they were modified (hand at sides) but they did the job with my stomach muscles that's for sure.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mamavation- 2 week challenge day 3: Perseverance

today was a really difficult day. Yesterday was the arm excercises, and today was back to the first set of circuits that put me in pain in the first place. I was still in emmense pain from day #1 and now I had arm,shoulder,and back pain added to the equation. I didn't think I could pull off the excercises today, yet somehow I did it. Somehow I made it through all 3 circuits today. In pain but I did it. I am hoping working through the pain will help the pain subside quicker due to stretching and working those muscles more and it is making me a stronger more determined me. I am learning not to quit things I start, no matter the challenges and difficulties which makes me proud of me and boosts the self esteem also. :-) I have also had more energy today due to working out throughout the day. It took me all day to finish the excercises but I did it. I did circuits one and 2 side by side, then spread out the workouts for circuit three as I was totally and completely dreading it. @way2gomom on twitter gave me the courage to not give up and to keep trying. So did @kiddos1138 as well! Thanks ladies! :-) Still have more walking to do today to reach the 10,000 step goal but I know I can do it! :-) I have probably done quite a bit more than pedometer says since I haven't worn pedometer the whole time today but even so.. I want it to say, 10,000. :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mamavation 2 week Challenge Day #1

Day # 1 went well. I got 2 out of the three circuits done but I should have stretched afterward. I am so stiff and sore I can barely move today. I am really nervous about today (day #2) because I can not hardly move. every movement hurts and aches. I may focus more today on movement at all and just focus on getting my 10,000 step goal in. It may take me alot longer than 2 weeks to do this challenge when day #1 imobilizes me so much. And challenge day 1 will be hard for me also because last 2 week challenge I did situps caused me to pull my back out. seriously.. LOL so I will be atleast doing far fewer reps than the challenge suggests or replacing them with stomach crunches or reverse crunches or something I can do without hurting myself until my core is stronger.
But I am still excited about this challenge. Even if I can't do everything exactly as it is mapped out, it is still challenging me to keep active.
As sore as I am, it feels great because that is my body telling me, it is working!
A little while ago I joined Pinterest and they have so many healthy and delicious looking recipes. I have always feared "health recipes" because I thought that they had to be nasty, and leaving you still hungry to be healthy! Pinterest is proving me wrong! Can't wait to get the ingredients so I can try out this tempting looking dishes! I need all the recipes I can get that are healthy, so if you have something to share, please do!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays-Mamavation

We have had fun getting ready for Christmas. We haven't finished shopping by a long shot yet, but we have bought a few things and we finally got our Christmas tree bought and decorated yesterday morning. :-) Kids had a lot of fun as this was our very first "white" Christmas tree. Then last night we went to a city parade which was fun. What fun things did you do this weekend?

As for this weeks fitness accomplishments
mon- Nichole Kellerman 15 minute arm workout!
wednesday- wii fit free run- 10 minutes, wii fit free step- 25 minutes
thursday- 50 jumping jacks
so all and all not a very active week as far as the workouts this week but this next week will be better I hope. tweet out a message to me asking if I have workout or done my jumping jacks. it helps. :-)

Starting on Monday I start the mamavation 2 week challenge. I don't have dumbells so I plan on using hand weights for that particular workout instead,although I hope to be able to purchase some during the week if I can. I will be doing jumping jacks for the warm ups instead of the foot fires though because I was worried about doing those with the condition of my feet. I have also started back with sparkpeople in addition to mamavation to further encourage myself to move. Anything that can get me moving.

this weeks blogging carnival question is: When it comes to holiday shopping, how do you make sure you stick to your budget ? With DH being the one who works, he does most of the shopping although I find shopping online to be my weakness, but to help me from spending as much.. I consult him with what I have purchased and keep up with him. this month instead of being quick to buy what I want for the kids, etc I have been adding it to a wish list. we have always had a very limited amount of money for the holidays so I try not to spend too much and we shop at consignment shops, craigslist, online, or even check out the yahoo freecycle and cheap for sale yahoo groups that are local where I can find cheaper holiday gifts etc too to help on holiday costs.
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

today's Accomplishments/ to do list.

to do list:

living rm:
vacuum rug
declutter island counter
declutter computer desks
declutter piano
clean piano
declutter behind or under furniture

teach math, kids practice skills
2 loads of dishes
cleared and wiped countertops, swept kitchen
cleared,wiped kitchen table,
kids- reading
andrew- sentences
windex microwave
dd8 cleaned dishwasher door, oven door (outside of it)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What are you Thankful for?

I hope everyone truly had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We didn't get together with any extended family this year which was truly a bummer for me, but it was still a nice Thanksgiving. As a result I was doing a majority of the meal. (DH did the Turkey, I just helped stuff it) we had Turkey, Mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing,corn, Strawberry cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie. Wanted to make Deviled eggs, fruit salad but never did. It would probably have been a bigger feast had I gone somewhere to eat, since everyone contributes a dish so I guess this helped me not eat as much. :-) As for the excercise this week.. I am having a hard time remembering what I did on tuesday but it seems I worked out on the wii fit plus doing free step, hula hoops for a total of 34 minutes together. then thursday ,Thanksgiving day I took a 1 mile walk just before the meal. Fridayand Saturday I got no workouts in, but on Sunday I walked a 3.3 mile walk according to My pedometer claimed 3.66 miles,7,507 footsteps on that walk but it has a tendancy to overcount or undercount back and forth.. so who knows. I tend to trust sparkpeople maps better. as for the water intake I didn't do very well most of the week, but then on Sunday I chugged 2 water bottles during,after the walk..

My plans for this next week at the least are 50 jumping jacks daily. I would also like to workout on the wii fit plus atleast 3x week, and Strength training atleast 3x a week. 8 glasses of water a day is my goal. I am also starting to do Nichole Kellerman's workouts and loving them. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to "schedule in these workouts" but doing this now and think it should help!
I would also like to get more sleep. I did do better than normal Thanksgiving weekend and would like to continue to improve upon this area.
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this weeks blogging carnival question: What are you thankful for in your life?
I am most thankful for God, my religious beliefs,and that families can be together forever, thankful for My family and my children, and the opportunity I have to homeschool them. I am also grateful for my health. It isn't as wonderful as I would like, (lack of energy, fitness,etc) however things could always be worse! In being a part of mamavation, and working toward fitness, I know I will achieve my goals. I just have to be patient and keep trying every day! I am thankful for every day of life. Life is so short. I came to this harsh reality when dad died in August, and my mom has been battling cancer for many yrs now and it keeps coming back, but so many times she has been told she doesn't have long and each time she has proved the doctors wrong. For this I am grateful. Grateful for each day we have with her still here and God, and mom proving the doctors wrong. Every day is a blessing!
I am thankful for mamavation and the sisterhood and the support.
I am thankful to be in good health, to be able to have children of my own, and to be blessed with a large family. What are you thankful for in your life?

Flylady, organization, and chaos

So I am really trying to get back into the swing of things with the flylady. I made me a checklist today and after talking with some friends on twitter about control journals, the card system. I might be trying out the card system they told me about.
Maybe it will help me to stay more on track with the routines.I hate schedules and control journals that tell me what time to get things done, because I feel pressured and when you are a SAHM of 6, and homeschooling too.. things don't always go as planned and falling behind stresses me out. the card system provides a way to keep the planner with me at all times and might be alot better than having only the checklist, and then I can use the checklist to check off what I did. I also love using to motivate me, and the kids to get more done around the house. I am still learning how to juggle, school, housekeeping, laundry, excercise, and free time for the kids.. What kinds of things work best for you with the flylady system? Was it a card system? The official control journal? To do checklists? Mental checklists? What helped you to better stay on track and get the things done you need to?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mamavation November 15 2011

So I was realizing it has been truly forever since I put up a blog post for mamavation. I am so sorry for slacking lately. I did however start slowly picking back up on the excercise this past week. Started out with jumping jacks 2 days in a row, and then the next day I ran a mile on the wii which made my calves sore for a few days. that was a good workout for me even though only a mile, because I ran pretty much the whole time (10 minutes) which is a big deal for me. I really pushed myself. I only stopped for a second or 2 to mess with the wii mote but I don't really count that as 'stopping' as it was at the beginning of the run. shortly into it. So I am proud of myself for pushing myself. Haven't run in a few days since then because that was friday morning and then Friday afternoon I got sick with a stomach bug of some sort and was pretty uncomfortable all weekend. Just started feeling myself yesterday and have been working on schooling, and catching up on my house. Planning on getting back in the swing of things tomorrow. I do have a sinus cold/ or allergies but not planning on letting that stop me.
plans for the upcoming week are as follows:
jumping jacks daily... keep me responsible ladies and post on twitter or on fb mamavation asking me how I am doing...
running on wii fit plus. Weight lifting and other strength training excercises on sparkpeople
and walking with the kids, or early morning before dh goes to work if all goes well...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today was a good day! Started off the day with the schooling. It was a rainy and cold day outside today so we hung out indoors doing schooling, and cleaning house. Kids were fairly well behaved today. Not too bad. Since the kids worked so hard today on their schooling, and some of them even on helping around the house without much complaint, I thought a pizza and movie party would be fun. So tonight we had totino's pizza and watched "How to train your Dragon" for the family movie!
today we got a few packages in the mail from UPS. 1. was a new book for me. "Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury. Excited to get this and planning on beginning it shortly after posting this, unless I do some more workouts. My workouts today consisted of 25 reverse crunches, 50 jumping jacks, and a 10 minute run on the wii fit plus ( 1.578 virtual miles- 10 minutes: 84 calories burned ) WOOT!

2. 2nd package that arrived was Andrew's story for Language Arts "Mercy Watson to the rescue" Both Andrew, and Anna read this and I believe they both enjoyed it. I know Andrew did and that's saying something because he normally dislikes reading books)

3. I received the Brita filter system kit I won on mamavation last week woohoo! The kids are actually excited about drinking water now! Can't beat that! It came with a water pitcher filtering system, a water bottle w/ filter. We are loving it!

4. Division flashcards. this will be a handy tool!

For reading in addition to the book "Mercy Watson to the rescue" Seth read the story "Sarah Plain and Tall" from his textbook. We did math worksheets this morning- place values, multiplication-2 digit, and for Andrew- addition, and josh,liz- addition. Subtraction,addition,division flashcards. Science Anna did a lesson from her science textbook, we read it together,and reviewed the lesson review questions, and she wrote her vocabulary definitions down. Social studies they just did learning games online, and colored a flag of India.

tonight Anna was supposed to have ballet but the van wouldn't start. Started issues again. So we didn't end up going tonight, so we hung out at home and had a family fun night instead. It was nice.

workout goals tomorrow:
run on wii, 50 jumping jacks at the least, reverse crunches, pushups,handweights
drink 8 glasses of water.

Monday, October 10, 2011

mamavation report: October 10,2011
this was a good week of activity. I didn't do as much of the jumping jacks because I was doing more walking and/ jogging and that exausted me. LOL Saturday I did a 3.50 miles at the park walking/ and jogging with dd8 and had blisters on the bottom of my feet before we were done. I was limping into walmart afterwords (due to the blisters)
I am pretty proud of my 5 miles even though I still wish I had gotten more in. I am going for the 60 miles in october challenge and really want to make it. I also am trying for the brita water challenge but have been doing terrible with it, as I have always struggled with my water intake but I am still trying. each day is a new day. I am not stopping my goal of 50 or more jumping jacks a day. I just need to start doing these before I walk/jog because once I do, I use that as an excuse not to that day, because my legs feel like jello. I have been super sore last few days from saturdays 5k walk/jog so that just shows you how out of shape I really am! during the week last wk I lost 2 lbs. hope it still looks the same after my after workout pizza. yesterday's taco salad. sigh. I am terrible about giving up those favorite foods. Haven't even tried. Just trying to workout, and get back to steadily counting my calories and staying within goal. I have been bad about tracking my intake lately also. this week our tire blew out on the van so one of my walks was walking home. good thing it blew out, right outside my neigborhood. I am so thankful for this as I had 6 children with me. Our tires are virtually impossible to find because they aren't used anymore so we had to check the salvage yards and were blessed to find one and get the van fixed. Yesterday evening we had fun as a family bobbing for apples. the kids had a ball with it and that's the first time in a long long time since I have actually eaten an apple. I normally hate apples, but that one was tart and I actually enjoyed it. usually when I eat apples it's only in apple pie, or drinking apple juice or something like that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introduction to The Book Of Mormon

mamavation- October 3 2011

Sept 26-oct 3
Monday- 100 jumping jacks, 1957 steps- wii fit free step
tuesday- 50 jumping jacks, 2012 steps- wii fit free step
wednesday:can't remember if I did jumping jacks that day or not..
thursday- ran 4.18 miles on wii fit plus (3 -10 minute 1+ mile increments at a time), arm- hand weight lifting.
friday- nothing- sore
saturday-nothing- sore
Sunday- nothing

didn't get jumping jacks in every day, but I did get 4.18 miles of running in which is huge for me. woot go me! it was on the wii fit plus, not outdoors. hard to get outdoor runs in when I have 6 kids home all the time. maybe this next week I will do some running outside and run around my house. LOL
still have not found my other pedometer so that is definitely on my wish list.
have a great week everyone.
I am doing a daily jumping jacks challenge of 50 or more jumping jacks daily
60 miles in October challenge on

goals this upcoming week:
drink 8 glasses of water a day
track nutrition daily
do jumping jacks daily, and atleast 1 mile a day
eat smaller portions.

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today is a new day!

this morning we started our homeschooling day off with reading our scriptures - book of Mormon study, and then listened to conference. President Uchtdorf was speaking about focusing on what's really important and coming unto Him. This talk left me feeling happy, rejuvenated and like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. We are all imperfect people. We have our good days and our bad. It is never too late to start a new. Never too late to truly become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is another day! Here is the link to the video:

another great talk of his is titled "the things that matter most" listened to it this morning also..
I want to try to pattern my days, and my attitude's around this motto "The things that matter most". Does this matter most? Is this important? Does this have a significant importance in the eternal perspective of things? Is this life or death? Will it make me a better person? Don't sweat the small stuff this is something I have always been bad about; making mountains out of molehills.. I get stressed or anxious over every little thing that doesn't go the way I want it to. Don't we all do this at one point or another? Lets quit making mountain out of molehills. Enjoy life, be happy, do our best, and focus in life on the things that matter most.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22,2011

today has been a very good homeschooling day, and in general. started off the day with Seth doing math- place values by the hundreds, thousands, and millions. Then Seth read 1st story in his reading textbook. Then Seth, anna, and andrew did a worksheet- counting with quarters, played a phonics game, and then computer online learning time. they did wii active life explorer for physical fitness. It has been a nice and fun day of learning today. for lunch we had homemade pizza, and kids played outside and watched a movie. ahh.. if only all days were as good as this. I am glad because today is Devin and my (11th) anniversary and so far it's been a good one! Now lizzie is doing a numbers worksheet, she worked in her workbook earlier and for science earlier we did animal flashcards together (liz, and I) the cards show picture, name of animal, what group it is classified in, and a description of each. animal, foods it eats, habitat,etc) time to work with josh now. He has done interactive learning, time for math worksheets, and reading, and science. hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. I love teaching my kids, and watching them learn and grow. It is very rewarding!

for excercise today I have done 50 jumping jacks, and kids have worked out on wii active life explorer. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A new blog look new fun!

So I decided it was indeed time for a new look for my blog. I hope you all like it! :-) tell me what you think!

Monday, September 19, 2011

mamavation- my accomplishments this week

monday- I was sick but managed 25 jumping jacks
wed- jumping jacks 50
thursday- wii cycling
friday- sept 23- 100 jumping jacks, 1000 steps- basic step- wii fit plus.
saturday- nothing
sunday- nothing
monday- 100 jumping jacks by bedtime, and wii fit plus free step- 1,957 steps.

definitely a step up from my previous month. I didn't get in jumping jacks every day as planned, but not too shabby.

I am hanging in there. doing alot better than I was in regards to my dad. still have my moments of sadness, but I am doing a whole lot better than I was! I went to church conferences on saturday, and the morning one, had me thinking alot of dad, and I was really missing him. Some days are harder than others. I have become accepting of the sad fact that he's gone but I hate it. hate coming to terms with it because I hate it. Seems so unfair that he had to go so soon in life, but then again.. life just isn't fair is it? we were never told it would be easy.
The excercise and getting back into the groove of things is definitely helping me to not sink into a depression and helping me to move on. I am trying to change my life, and focus on the good in my life and cherish it. trying to be happy and not stress so much. Relying on the Lord to help carry me through the hard days more than I was before, and cherishing the fact that the Lord loves me, and does care about me and my pain, and loves me, despite my shortcomings.


So today I will be taking babysteps. babysteps at schooling, babysteps at cleaning/flying, babysteps at everything. Last 2 days I have been feeling under the weather. Must have some sort of a stomach bug as I have been feeling really icky and thus no energy too. this is definitely going to have to be a timer kind of day. going to have to utilize the kids help.
to do list for today is as follows:
living rm


I took a shower and am feeling better for the moment, so I am going to tackle what I can while I am. Kids have had a movie morning, and are currently watching a science experiment video.. teaches science through constant experiments. Kids enjoy it, and they actually remember what they learn :-)

as for today excercise plans.. want to get my jumping jacks in. doing 25 at a time, and hoping for a walk with the puppy and kids around the neigborhood today. and going to do some atleast light strength training. What are your plans for today? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

mamavation- September 18 2011

well as you all know last wk I planned on starting jumping jacks daily as a challenge to myself. I didn't get it done every day, but I did get them in 3-4 days of the week.
Sunday- I did 25-50
monday I did 75 jumping jacks, and 50 leg squats. (25 each leg)
tuesday-25- 50
thursday- saturday I don't think I did any but I may be remembering wrong. gonna have to make me a daily log so I know what I get done and don't forget what day I did what. LOL every day kinda blends in together around here since I do pretty much the same thing every day. LOL homeschooling, cleaning, being a mom.
Might do some today, but not feeling good right now.

goals for the upcoming wk
eat smaller portions
drink more water
jumping jacks daily
workout on wii atleast 3x
strength train atleast 3 x

definitely doing babysteps but this wk was definitely an improvement from no workouts in a whole month+
So I am getting back on the bandwagon.. slow and steady. :)
keep motivating me ladies. it's working!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A new school yr, a new fresh start!

So the new homeschooling yr has begun officially as of september 1! Although we never really "quit" homeschooling/learning during the summer it started the new yr this month. To jumpstart the new school yr we got new and are getting new materials for the new yr and the kids are really excited about their new stuff.
For science we have McGraw-Hill Language arts book grade 4, McGraw-Hill Science- grade 4, Grade 4 grammar practice book, grade 4 curriculum workbook
Grade 3- MGraw-hill science book (on it's way), grade 3 curriculum workbook, Grade 2 McGraw-hill science book, and science workbook, Grade 4 Mathematics textbook (McGraw-hill), grade 1 curriculum workbook, Grade k workbook on it's way. still stuff on it's way. Of course we have flashcards,and other stuff from last yr as well. the new stuff boosts the kids interest levels though and makes it feel new to them all over again. Things have started cooling down a bit making schooling even funner because on those beautiful days out, we are able to do some homeschooling outdoors. Kids cleaned out the carport and had fun putting their fold up table outside in the carport and were doing schooling there for the day. as you know the McGraw-hill books tend to be pretty pricey as they are textbooks but I got lucky and found them on amazon for dirt cheap. they were evidently much much older editions of the books thus much cheaper than the current ones on the Mcgraw -hill website. BONUS!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

mamavation - September 11, 2011

well this last week I am afraid I don't have much to report. I slacked on the excercise all week due to absolutely no motivation. each day, I'd say to myself today's the day! But then I just couldn't make myself workout!
well yesterday was the day! I made myself do jumping jacks! It felt GREAT, and made me feel soooo much better! I got 75 jumping jacks in and want to make a goal to do jumping jacks every day or as close to every day as possible!
I want to not over do it, with all I have been through, and start back 1 babystep at a time, and jumping jacks is a easily obtainable goal!
I'd like to take walks with the kids, walk the puppy,etc as well!
I'd also like to get back to working out on the wii but no promises yet. baby steps baby steps!

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Question: When was the last time you got new workout shoes? What do you use them for?
I think I bought mine a few months ago. Bought them really cheap from walmart but they are comfy and do the trick! I use them for everything really, but I especially love them for taking walks,running,etc and I have high arches so they do great for my arch supports and I have heal spurs, and what I think may be foot edema(not sure) and my feet feel better when I wear them more often.

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cheers to everyone for a fabulous week!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A time to grieve

So this has been a REALLY hard last few weeks. My dad went into the hospital for a very brutal treatment. He didn't come out. When walking into that hospital his liver, and kidneys were already severely compromised due to his liver disease and the other Organs working overtime to make up for it. After 30 yrs of sufferings, and these brutal treatments at age 56 He woke up long enough to express he was done fighting the battle, and wanted to be made as comfortable as possible. He was taken off the machines and switched to hospice where he passed away Saturday,August 13, 2011. His funeral was this past weekend and is now at rest. Although I am happy for him, that he is happy and pain free, and in a much better place, it's hard! I miss my daddy and the world feels empty without him in it. As a result of 2 weeks of hospital visits, and the worry and stress the last thing on my mind was excercise. I let things go and am scared to step on the wii fit to weigh in. According to new scale I am higher but not sure the accuracy of that thing. (it's not digital and those cheap scales never have been real accurate) So I will only trust what wii fit tells me as it was pretty close to what my digital scale would say. Planning on getting back to the workouts. All that lost weight from gruntstyles workouts have probably gone down the toilet with the stress, and lack of excercise while dad was in hospital up to his death,funeral. All I can do, is get back on the bandwagon, not beat myself up over it, and move on with life! Cheer me on ladies, I need major encouragement to get moving again, as my heart is still grieving for dad!
I did take a 1 mile walk yesterday, and 2 miles last monday, and 2 miles last sunday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new day a new start/ mamavation

So today is a new day! Yesterday my back was hurting real bad, I guess from overdoing it with the excercise this past few weeks. My body was not used to doing so much excercise so quickly. I am feeling a whole lot better today and ready to get back to working out, even if it is just taking walks, jogging,stuff like that and doing the challenge at a slower pace and spreading it throughout the day. I definitely learned my lesson about trying to get each challenge done in a short amount of time. my body is not ready for that quite yet. My back doesn't feel fully healed yet though, so I think I am just going to have to wait on some of the excercises that hurt it in the first place. I guess I had hoped I could handle this challenge better than I could, but I am proud of myself for trying. I am not completely through and not quitting per say but I am not worried about finishing in the 2 weeks, but going at the pace my body can handle. I am not going to kill my body over it. It just isn't worth it to me. when I pull a muscle as well as my back out in the same week, that is my body saying, WOAH, SLOW DOWN GIRL! As much as I would like to be super woman, I'm just not!
today is going to be a busy one as all saturday's prove to be around here.
I am going to take a morning walk/jog at the park I think
we need to mow lawn. I might take a trip to the library to return previous books checked out, and to get my son Andrew a library card of his own.
And we need to work on the flooring.
Have a good day!
Plans for the upcoming week
wii fit
gruntstyle's 2 week challenge- taking it slower

Congrats to this weeks SISTA : @themorrisbunch! :)

This post is sponsored by Organ Wise Guys and Fiber Choice and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation .”

What nutrition lessons have you learned from your kids?
My children Love fruits and vegetables. I admire them for this and am learning to love them more too. They also enjoy being active.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21,2011 Plans

good morning everyone. hope you all have a splendid day today. What's on the agenda today?
My plans are as follows:
breakfast, clean up
dressed for the day
visit with a friend. kids have a play day with her kids at the Park.
home, finish up on house
math,handwriting skills,reading, social studies

bedtime routine:
brush teeth
kids bed
mommy- excercise

up, breakfast
visit friend and her kids at park- have lunch there, fed ducks, 1 mile walk around pond.

kids played in water hose, watched movies for quiet time
science video about plants
prepared dinner: seth helped make dinner, set table, rinsed, loaded dishes,started dishwasher (after dinner). so proud of him as part of his scout achievements.
cleaned up house- kitchen, living rm, hallway.
movie- brave little toaster- 7 pm

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Join the Bloggy mom blog hop!

I love blog hops! looking forward to this! Get blog hopping!

Detailed Cleaning the flylady way

So this past week or so I have begun our detailed cleaning adventure. You know.. that time we all dread when we have to clean behind everything.. the dressers, the fridge, the stove, scrubbing the walls, the baseboards,the CLOSETS, inside the OVEN... what?? you do that every month anyway? YOU GOODIE GOODIES! lol So okay, I don't do it as often as I know it needs it but HEY I'm trying.. babysteps remember?! So this week I have been working on this and with extreme detail. I want it done and done right. my ultimate goal is to be like all you wonderful moms out there who enjoy cleaning, and get these dreadful chores done all the time!! Forget the past.. it's time to move forward! I hope to get it done monthly too. So last week I cleaned behind the fridge, and the kids cleaned out/organized the Pantry.. (voluntarily I might add. Atleast to start with) and might I add, they LOVED IT. Hey! It saved me from a huge chore i'd have to add to the mile long list of to do's, so no complaints here. :) 2 days ago I cleaned out the bottom cabinets in the kitchen, and today the girls and I cleaned behind their long dresser. It really is nice to get it done. feels good! I figure if I have a spring cleaning project per day, within 2 weeks I should hopefully have the detailed cleaning list tackled. :-) What's on your detailed cleaning list?! how often do you tackle these chores?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mamavation- another week come and gone ! July 19 2011

Another week come and gone. This past week I started Gruntstyle's 2 week challenge. it has been an interesting and difficult week. first three days weren't as bad, but on day 3 I did workout called Paralyzed and that is JUST what it did. I could hardly move for 4 days! Seriously! to see what I had to do:
I am trying to catch up on the workouts since I couldn't finish out the week due to being paralyzed.
yesterday (monday) I made up friday's workout. (Sweat monster).

Congrats to the new mamavation mom's! you'll do great!

Monday, July 11, 2011

mamavation monday- july 11 2011 HERE WE GO

this past week I have done jumping jacks, but mostly that is all I have done. I stepped on the scale this morning and to my joy and surprise, had lost 2.2 lbs. better than nothing that is for sure!
Sunday night we took a walk as a family- 1 mile! today I began my attempt at gruntstyle's mamavation 2 week challenge: some of these excercises I am thinking no way no how am I going to be able to pull off but I am doing the best I can. I am doing this not to win the challenge, but to get my butt back on track and to lose as much weight or inches as I can but more importantly... to challenge myself and prove to myself I can succeed at something hard, because honestly? I don't have faith I can do this but I am giving it all I can!
I CAN do this. Question is can I do it when the soreness sets in.. ????
so far today I have done:
100 jumping jacks
30 pushups
15 leg raises
30 water jug raises
15 jump squats

wii fit- free run 3.764 miles -burned 226 calories- 27 minutes

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th to do list

Master bedroom- in process of
fold,put away clothes
give donation clothes away
visit friend and bring her clothes/ maybe go to the park
dishes- (1 load done)
sweep kitchen- done
mop kitchen
wash laundry (1 load done)
schooling plans: educational movies, reading, math practice, science lesson
clean out van
craft- Make paper plate ladybugs
music- practice instruments
family home evening, family devotional
make phone call to Speech therapy- done
kids- clean rms
tidy in yard

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mamavation Monday- July 4,2011

this has been a fun week. Son had scout camp last week and I begun what started out as a personal challenge to myself to do 50+ jumping jacks a day then found the sparkpeople 50+ jumping jack group. I did miss saturday and sunday but I did jumping jacks on thursday,friday- 75 each day, in addition to stomach crunches (40 first day, 12 the next day)this past week I also worked out on the wii- hula hoops- 2 days in a row. those really kick my butt LOL. Then on Sunday I took a walk with three of the kids. I have been sore from those two days of jumping jacks and its gone and I am starting the jumping jacks back. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday so far today. I am planning on taking some of the kids to the Park this morning to play, and take a walk, then tonight we are going to have a at home BBQ and might invite some friends/neigbors over. that part is still sorta up in the air. hoping for a walk while at the park this morning, but it won't be fast paced if I do since I will have kids with me. I need a running/walking buddy!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

this weeks adventures!

Son had Cub scout camp this week and has been having a rockin good time! It started on monday, and he finishes it up tomorrow with a family camp cookout, and a rewards ceremony! Dh even got off work for the special day! It should be some good ole fun family time!
(Wednesday) I decided to challenge myself to start doing jumping jacks every day and stomach reverse crunches atleast every other day, if I can't do it every day. Yesterday I did 75 Jumping jacks, wii fit hula hoop(2 rounds), and 40 reverse crunches.
today (thursday) I did 75 jumping jacks (thursday), reverse crunches, leg lifts

on the plan for the rest of the week
jumping jacks,
wii fit hula hoop
wii fit basic run/ or free run
hand weights
push ups

I am DETERMINED to lose this tummy fat, and hip fat, and thighs need it too! I will be a better, happier me! One who feels better, is happier, and has more energy too!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

mamavation monday- june 20 2011

not sure what to write about this week for my mamavation post but it was a busy week of housekeeping,and I got back into working out. felt I was more consistent this week which made me feel better about myself atleast physically. I still feel dreadfully fat and when I actually weighed myself this week it was depressing because I have gained so much back with my lack of effort since beginning homeschooling, and my slacking on charting what I eat, and not being careful with what I eat. but I lost it before so I can lose it again. I have began charting my calories again so hopefully this will help along with the working out more steadily.

workout accomplishments:
monday- none
tuesday- none
wed-worked out on wii fit plus- jogging- 27 minutes- burned 217 calories
thursday- none
friday-wii fit plus- 16 minutes- burned 127 calories (hula hoops, basic run (island run)
saturday- wii fit plus- basic run- 14 minutes- burned 121 calories. (5.0 METS), sparkpeople 10 minute cardio jump rope workout with coach nicole burned 164 calories

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 2011

things have been crazy and I have really been unsure of what to write about in my homeschooling that would interest my readers. but since this is a blog for everything in my life with an emphasis in schooling since that occupies alot of my time, I will be writing what I get done each day and my routines, and more so you might see a little bit of everything.
I have been in need of setting up a new routine, and control journal, and I like posting my accomplishments because it gives me motivation so that is what this post is going to be of.
today's accomplishments were as follows:
Breakfast 9:30-10:00
Devotional- scripture reading, understanding, song- learning about meaning of the words. 10:30-11:30
Conference- Josh, Andrew,Daniel 10:30-11:30
Anna, Seth,liz- Scrabble JR- 10:30-11:15 (building words, spelling)
11:15- 12:09 reading: wizard of Oz- chapter book by L Frank Baum
Lizzie- sightwords 11:15-11:30
Chapter book reading- seth- “Knights Castle” by Edward Eager – 11:50- 12:09 1 chapter
Lizzie, Daniel- read story to them- care bears, special delivery (valentine story about love, friendship)
Chapter 2: 12:32-1:17- seth
Anna- writing –“The white house” (citizenship)- workbook- comprehensive curriculum of basic skills
Josh- conference- 12:09-1:17
Outside time- 1 hr
History- the search for Ponce De Leon (movie)- myth- the search for the fountain of youth.
Blues clues- Daniel, liz, josh
Math- workbooks- anna, Seth
Anna- interactive learning
Home economics- housekeeping- cleaning up
Science- ch 1 text book " Science for Christian schools" -Observation in relation to the five senses
numbers and counting workbook- Lizzie
Lifeskills- friendship video's netflix

cleared table from breakfast
unloaded dishwasher
table wiped after lunch- girls
kids rms- kids
brought in garbage from curb
started wash
5 minute excercises

to do: laundry
wash/load dishes, start dishwasher
dinner clean up
mommy: pamper time

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 2011

today was a busy day today of cleaning/home economics, and then started the instructional time at 4 pm. My day was busy directing kids in their projects of cleaning the bedrooms which took alot of time due to lack of focus, cooperation on the kids parts. then at 4 pm I started them on workbooks, hooked on phonics- master reader. yesterday for science we learned about earthquakes, and tsunami's at which was fun. I love teaching them about weather, and they really enjoy watching the video's of the storms,weather too. I would have to say that by far, science is my favorite subject to teach. I hated it growing up but I love it now.
during quiet time i used that time to work out! I got in rhythym boxing, basic island run on the wii fit, and 20 pushups in. woot!
goals for the rest of tonight:
finish up homeschool
get kids to bed
get things tidied
hopefully after scouts dh will get some more flooring done!
finish up tidying the master bedroom, bathrm

Friday, April 1, 2011

today's agenda

patch walls in boys rm- done
sand walls- started
wash boys walls
paint boys walls
sand floor in living rm- for flooring remodel
tidy kitchen- done
tidy living rm- done
table- done
sweep kitchen- done
mop kitchen
boys clean rm- done
boys rm vacuumed- done
girls clean rm- done
girls vacuum rm
master bedroom

reading- done
science- started
social studies
outdoor time

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy week at home

this has been a busy week at home. This weekend we begun a remodeling project and removed our carpet in our living rm. We are switching to laminate flooring. It will be so nice to be rid of the carpet. Last week for my fitness venture it was just mowing 3-4 days in a row which amounted to quite a bit of calorie burning! As for working out on wii fit, walking,things like that, it never happened but I felt good about my activity due to mowing, and then over the weekend I removed heavy carpet, sanded by hand for a day (which really gave my arm a workout- even made it sore), and with a power sander yesterday, and the night before. So all in all, I have been pretty active here at home. yesterday I seemed to be hit with a bug or really nasty head cold complete with bad aches, pains, cough, headache. I used profen for the pains during the day but about 10:30 they came back with a vengeance and the medicine didn't work and I found myself in bed shivering like mad! the sleep helped, and by 6 am I felt better, but I can tell I am not completely over it. My cough, chest pain has subsided some, my aches are mostly gone but I feel queasy today so I am not sure if it is just cold or a stomach bug of some sort. At first I thought it was all that saw dust getting to me, from sanding, but then started noticing all the head cold symptoms then came the chills, aches. Alas the life of a mother doesn't get put on hold when we get sick, so I have still been cleaning house, at a slower pace mind you, and taking a break from the sanding and leaving that to the husband. tonight though, he and son have scouts, and daughter has achievement girls activity night (her first since turning 8 March 15) So needless to say she is real excited.
She is in ballet and they are preparing for her upcoming recital in May "Alice in Candyland" She is playing the part of a cordial Cherry :-) This will be her first recital and she is super excited!
So todays to do list:
dishes- done
Master bedroom

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

today's agenda- March 22,2011

Flying high this week so far.
today's agenda
Mow lawn- done- 50 minutes- back yard/side of yard, Kids playing outside, picking wild flowers, creative play- done
spiritual studies- homeschooling- reading- done

to do list
mowing- other side of yard, and other half of back yard.
science/social studies

laundry- sort/ get rid of
Laundry wash
whole house tidy
master bedroom

wii fit plus
Strength Training

DD- ballet tonight -1 hr

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

So spring is finally here, and it's that time again. We have alot we are planning for in the next month or so. Planning on redoing our flooring in our house and getting laminate flooring! I have dreamed of this day, let me tell you! So hard to have carpet when you have children and it will be nice to be done with it!
today we have been spring cleaning. I cleaned out the carport, with some help from the kids, and cleaned in the yard. And this morning I mowed some of the lawn for 1 hr. It has been an exausting day. I am slowly working on the bouse but so exausted from mowing, it completely wiped me out. Kids did some homeschooling outdoors today,on the blanket. It was a fun way to do homeschooling on such a beautiful day as this. Hoping to get some more mowing done later, but not sure I will. It was physically exausting.
According to sparkpeople I burned 444 calories just in the hour of mowing lawn! woot woot! Adrianna turned 8 March 15th and is so excited to be joining Achievement girls starting this wednesday! She is getting baptised April 23rd and is super excited. We got her dress and are counting down the days till the big day!
todays agenda
mowing lawn- started
clean in house
sort and wash laundry
clean yard- started
clean carport- done
homeschooling- started

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18th 2011

today is going to be a busy day of cleaning ,and homeschooling. got to get alot done before DS's first Pine wood derby tonight. (scouts)
that being said, here is my mile long to do list for today:

tidy living rm,hallway
workout- 15-30 minutes, drink water- done
shower- done
morning math- done
dishes, Kitchen cleanup
spiritual studies
kids workbooks- done
lunch- done
spelling- done, mom Laundry
crct practice tests, mom- clean bathrooms
Kids bedrooms
outside time

pine wood derby

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

today was a busy day of reading,math,workbooks, social studies, spelling/vocabulary,computer learning, and crct practice tests. For social studies I read to the Kids a fact card about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor, and they colored a picture of her. Day was relatively good, but more caotic that yesterday. yesterday was fun. today the kids did alot of online/ computer learning which they enjoyed. We now have three computers at home so we set up a network and the kids use the computers for schooling. good day but by the end of it everyone was tired, had cabin fever from the rainy weather/no outside time and burnt out. So now it’s unwind time. DS8 is at scouts, and the rest of the kids are enjoying vege time watching star wars.

Here is a pic I took of the kids having fun homeschooling yesterday:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8,2011- what a day!

back home from dd's ballet class. started sweeping floor, kids watching stars wars. I need me time! Been a long day and I am pooped! Mind you I am not complaining. Today was actually a relatively good homeschooling day and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my children today... It's just been long. I haven't quite gotten much housekeeping done yet today. I did re-wash a load of Laundry, and I folded and put away a load of laundry leaving me feeling momentarily productive as far as the house is concerned, but I still need to finish unloading dishes, finish sweeping the kitchen floor I started to clean, and the house in general. I didn't get any workouts in yet today, but then I am super duper sore and having trouble walking straight as it is. LOL But I planned on atleast lifting handweights, and using my resistance bands if anything. So while the kids are calm now and watching Star wars, I plan to set my timer as a source of motivational inspiration and get my house cleaned up 15 minutes at a time! Yay for timers and flylady! also going to boil us some eggs and make egg salad sandwhiches tonight. Ballet night always calls for something relatively easy for me. I have never been super good about menu planning and super duperly healthy meals which I really want to change.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Families are forever!

family photo- Dec 2009
Dinner with the sister Missionaries

My beautiful baby sister's wedding

Pre-surgery- my mom's liver resection surgery

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

mamavation Monday report- feb 22,2011

So I am a little late posting this. It's tuesday now... This week I didn't get any "workouts" in however somehow by some miracle I lost 3 lbs as of this morning. really not sure how. Maybe water weight, maybe a mix of that, no fast food, little to no junk food, and taking care of kids. Today was first time I worked out since sunday before last and today I did strength training. Yesterday my workout was cleaning behind the fridge which equated to a huge amount of calories burned probably. It was quite the workout for me. Yesterday morning the scale said 204.6 and this morning it said 203.6 :-)

I did 35 minutes of Strength training this morning which consisted of the resistance bands, Sparkpeople workouts: reverse crunches, reverse crunches with excercise ball, pushups, bicep curls with band,lying abduction

goals for the week:
tuesday: jumping jacks, wii fit
wednesday- wii fit
thursday- Strength training
friday- off
walking/running- saturday

Congrats to this weeks sistah of the week: Rebecca (@MomRuns26) :-)
BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Fit Studio. One blogging carnival participant will receive a Fitness Basket with Weider PowerSwitch Adjustable 25 lb. Hand Weight, 65 cm Fitness Ball, and Sportline Elite Fitness Pedometer

Have a wonderful week ladies!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

february 19,2011 to do list- saturday

family to do list for today
spiritual learning- scripture study- DONE
grocery shopping/LIBRARY
Living room declutter/organize, clean- IN PROGRESS
homeschooling- worksheets,Handwriting skills- Kids actually volunteered to do these today. woohoo! so happy to see them learning to love learning

Master bedroom- declutter/organize
Closet- master bedroom

Friday, February 18, 2011


So today we have been FLYING as a family. I have been trying to get the kids to help out more and clean their rooms, help in the kitchen, and get the house in order before we start into the formal learning today, so we are applying these lifeskills into our homeschooling this morning.
I did dishes this morning, Kids cleared,wiped the table, Son age 8 swept floor, Kids cleaned their rooms. After we finish here it is on to the formal schooling

the agenda for today
Social Studies- Thomas Jefferson
outside play
baking cookies
friday night- family movie night/game night fun

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Presidents Day is coming up! So lets learn about them!

So this week we had fun in social studies. With Presidents Day coming up next week I thought it would be fun to discuss a different President's life starting with George Washington. So on Wednesday we read George Washington's biography, and about the making of the Constitution, and watched some YouTube videos on George Washington- animated. It was fun! We also did a George Washington crossword puzzle. social studies lesson #2: We watched Pocahontas 2, and then read an article from wikipedia on the life of the REAL Pocahontas. :-)and what REALLY TRULY happened! :-) Math we finished up some worksheets that hadn't been finished yet. It was a fun filled day of learning!
Thursday we Learned all about John Adams from his biography and some video clips from a movie about him, and the declaration of Independence, and today we will be learning about Thomas Jefferson and maybe even reading more about George Washington's life.
There is a wonderful site I stumbled upon yesterday when google searching for good info on John Adams and it has biographies on all of the Presidents of the United states and I just know you will love it like I do.. It is at:

What did YOU do this week in your homeschool? :-) Do tell!

to do list: memorize the constitution Preamble..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Valentines Day!- a Inspirational Quote to enjoy!

F I L L E D W I T H L O V E !!
You are filled with love that you long to express. And yet all too often you hold it inside.
The times when you feel most fully alive are the times when you act based on love. The greatest value you have to give is the value that comes from your love.

Though you may fear that it will make you vulnerable, love actually gives you great strength. Let yourself love, and let your love flow.

Think of the people you love, the values you love, the things you love to do and the places you love to be. All that love will pull you and guide you toward where you truly belong.

Love challenges you to be who you most authentically are. Love enables you and compels you to find and to give the very best that you have.

Love is exceedingly difficult and unspeakably beautiful all at once. Live in love, and you truly live.

-- Ralph Marston

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday, sick bugs, and homeshooling exaustion

So our house has been under the weather the last few days. First it started with my dear daughter age4 then 2 days later(yesterday morning) it hit the 3 yr old boy, and then last night it hit 8 yr old son, and daughter age 7 this morning at church and it's well on it's way to hitting the entire family. Only ones left to get it now is me, hubby,and the other 3 kids. I keep praying it passes me up as I am the one who takes care of everyone during the week while dear husband is off at the job, and I need to be able to function, and do the home-teaching, housekeeping, and all.
Last night I thought I was in the process of getting it, then as later evening progressed I felt better so who knows.. I just wish if I were getting it, to get it over with before Monday hits. I don't want it mind you, but if at all, it's better to get it when hubby is here. So needless to say between sicknesses, homeschooling during the week, and exaustion by night fall.. I didn't get any workouts in till TODAY!. Each day I had good intentions, each day it didn't happen. Last night I really hoped to go for a afternoon/evening walk but dear boy 3 was too sick to go, and hubby went to my dad's to pick up food storage he gave us. now that hubby is home from church with the newest sick one,I was able to take my walk!!!! woohoo so I took a 3.05 mile walk.. mind you it took me 100 minutes to walk it but I did it. Even when not feeling too good. Not bad eh?
actually the fresh air did me alot of good. It felt good being outdoors, and by myself, and I even lifted handweights the entire time so I not only got in 100 minutes of sweaty cardio in, but I also got 100 minutes of strength training in. :-)

Cheers to an awesome week!
Here are my goals for the upcoming week. praying for a better week

Monday- 100 jumping jacks, jumping rope, strength training- pushups,crunches,etc
tuesday- wii fit, 100 jumping jacks, strength training(arms)
wednesday- strength training(crunches,pushups,etc), jumping rope
thursday- wii fit, 100 jumping jacks, ST- pushups,crunches,etc
friday- wii fit, jumping rope
saturday- wii easactive(cardio and strength training), and or walk

Thursday, February 10, 2011

wow! What a day

Today has been a day full of many well lets just say challenges, (van troubles, wallet falling out of the van (at home thankfully) when we were out and about Then after we got home, the boys kept causing mischief so I put them to work helping me around the house and working on their lifeskills. Andrew washed dishes, and helped me load the dish washer, DD7 cleaned family room then worked on typing skills with a typing game, then telling time. Others? Well still working on getting them to finish cleaning, and learn cooperation. So it has been a pretty stressful day so far. HOWEVER... it WILL get better today. I am determined! feel free to check out any of the resources or sites I mention in my homeschooling. they are all free resources found online. except for the curriculum workbooks we bought which are brainquest workbooks which we bought from

Plans for the rest of the day..
school school schooling!

reading hour- outloud
Math- telling time, interactive
social studies
guided reading
worksheet time- practicing skills
handwriting skills
spiritual studies
working together,cooperation lesson- lifeskills
letter focus- B
had a nutrition class I was going to attend tonight, but not going now.. too much schooling to catch up with tonight.


space game about gravity, the planet pluto ( kids
worksheets- telling time (2nd,third grader), homonyms worksheets for the 3rd grader, 1st grader did a worksheet learning about the soft a sound. (pan, fan, van),etc..

A free curriculum site I use is it pulls free resources from all over the site, craft/recipe ideas in relation to the lesson topics, you can plan all 36 weeks of curriculum, find links to related games,articles, and even worksheets. Its great!

Another great resource is and

Educating children- The Evolution of homeschooling

Meet Anne Gebhardt another mom who chose to homeschool her kids.

Read more:

Homeschool recommendations

Homeschooling recommendations
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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Homeschooling recomendations
some of my favorite homeschooling links...

thinkfinity- free homeschooling resources »
Enhance Learning
with FREE lesson plans
& educational resources

I just want to say I HIGHLY recommend this site. It is a wonderful educational tool to include in your homeschool. It links to so many great tool of learning from grammar, to history, to math.. I love it! One of the sites it links to which is another superb site for homeschooling tools is LOVE IT!!

I will continue to add to this list so check back often for more resources.